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CS:GO Prime Status: What is It & How to Get It

CS:GO is one of the most popular shooters in Europe and the USA. In North America, there are about 101-150 players per million. Perhaps each of these players dreams of achieving high results in CS:GO. If you want to have a few more features than other players, then you should pay attention to CS:GO Prime Status. In this article written by Volodymyr Huda, you will find out if you can play CS:GO for free. Moreover, we will look at the benefits of this status. You can also learn more about the settings in the shooter, as well as take advantage of useful services using Profiller.

Is CS:GO Free To Play?

The question of the cost of a shooter always remains relevant, since a lot of changes have taken place in recent years. In fact, CS:GO is a free-to-play game, but players should be prepared for certain restrictions.

Anyone with a Steam account can add the CS:GO shooter to their library. The free version of the game gives players access to almost all the modes and features of the shooter. The only exception is ranked matchmaking. This feature is only available to Prime members. Players without this status also do not have access to weekly weapon items, graffiti, and profile XP. These and some other benefits are only available to VIP members.

What Is CS:GO Prime Status

Prime status in CS:GO is a kind of VIP membership in the world of a shooter. It provides players with certain advantages. Prime members get access to benefits such as:

  • exclusive matchmaking only with other Prime users;
  • additional souvenirs and skin drops;
  • unlimited access to dedicated servers;
  • a visible Prime badge.

Most of the content in CS:GO is free, so all the benefits offered may not seem all that valuable. However, the greatest value of Prime status lies in the first point. You will learn more about it later.

How to Get CS:GO Prime Status

If you purchased Counter-Strike before it became free (December 6, 2019), then you can activate the Prime status for your account without any problems or additional steps.

If you haven’t purchased Counter-Strike before and shooter is a completely new hobby for you, then you can purchase Prime status through Steam for $14.99. You can also aim to reach level 21 in online casual matches.

It is worth noting that if you delete the mobile number associated with your account, you will lose your Prime status. The mobile number can be re-linked to the account. However, it will take 6 months to reactivate the Prime status.

Counter Strike players should understand that the mobile number is linked to Prime status, not to the account. Newbies from New York, Chicago, or any other city will need a valid phone number linked to their Steam account to purchase the Prime status.

Benefits of Prime in CS:GO

Whether you’re from Texas, California, or any other state, the benefits of Prime status are the same for everyone. And now is the time to learn about the benefits in more detail.

Players with the Prime status are primarily eligible to compete against each other in online Counter-Strike and Danger Zone matches. In addition, this status gives players access to exclusive souvenirs, cases, and skin drops. What’s more, Prime status is access to community-run servers. For example, the first exclusive skin available under Prime status was MP5-SD | Lab Rats. However, many other items are now available in the game.

Moreover, this status allows you to avoid cheaters. Unfortunately, the game often features such phenomena as wallhacking and aimbotting. This is especially true in games at lower ranks. The cheaters tend to focus on players without Prime status as they don’t want to invest in an account that can get banned. Of course, this status is not a guarantee of protection against cheaters. However, it can be a great way to level up your matches.

Is the CS:GO Prime Status Worth It?

If you want to achieve the same high results as pro player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev from the Natus Vincere team, Helvijs “broky” Saukants from the FaZe Clan team, or Nikola “NiKo” Kovač from the G2 Esports team, then you should definitely get the Prime status.

Now the Prime status is mandatory for those players who intend to get a full experience in the shooter. This status is a great way to make your path to CS:GO easier. Prime status is recommended both for players with experience in CS:GO, and for beginners, as well as for players who have taken a break in the game. If you are a player without ambitions and prefer to take part in non-competitive modes or on private servers, then you do not need Prime status.

Can Prime Play With Non-Prime?

Many representatives of the CS:GO community are interested in the question of whether it is possible for players with Prime status to compete with players without it. The answer is quite simple. Yes, it’s possible. However, this feature can only be implemented in a certain game mode. This is feasible in non-ranking matches. This is the only mode where players of different statuses can play together.

Wrapping It Up 

You can enjoy playing CS:GO in free mode. However, if you want access to the unique ranked matchmaking game mode, as well as unique skins, then you can purchase Prime status. You can get status for as little as $14.99 and enjoy a completely different level of play with players who also have Prime status. You can get more information about pro players and teams on the Profilerr website. You can use such useful services as crosshair generator, Steam ID finder, and many others.