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Disney+ Reveals First Look at 2023 Slate

Disney+ has had an amazing run with its original series and films, and 2023 promises to be an even better year for the streaming service. From live-action reimaginings to new series and films, the lineup is packed with diverse and exciting content for all ages. Here’s a look at some of the most anticipated releases coming to Disney+ in 2023.

Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Two Pirates of the Caribbean Films in Development

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been a beloved series of films since its debut in 2003, inspiring its own ride at Disneyworld. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news on the upcoming installments, and this week, Hollywood super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer provided an update.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bruckheimer confirmed that two new films are in development: one with Margot Robbie and another with a younger cast. He revealed that the Margot Robbie film still needs a little more work, but the younger cast film is close. This announcement has reignited excitement among fans of the franchise.

Peter Pan & Wendy

One of the most iconic Disney classics, Peter Pan & Wendy, is getting a live-action reimagining directed by David Lowery and produced by Jim Whitaker. The film promises to capture the magic and adventure of the original while also updating it for modern audiences. With an exclusive streaming release on Disney+, fans can look forward to soaring off to Neverland once again.

American Born Chinese

Based on the graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang, American Born Chinese tells the story of Jin Wang, an average teenager navigating the challenges of high school and his Chinese heritage. The series promises to be a unique exploration of Chinese mythology and identity, set against the backdrop of a relatable coming-of-age story. 

Prom Pact

Prom season meets college aspirations in Prom Pact, a brand-new film coming to Disney+. Mandy Yang has her sights set on attending Harvard, but when she finds herself deferred, she enlists the help of the last person she’d expect – popular jock Graham Lansing. As she learns more about him and herself, Mandy must choose between her dreams and what truly matters.


Iwaju, a new animated series created in collaboration with Kugali, promises to be an exciting addition to Disney+. Set in a futuristic African world, the series follows Tola and Kole on a coming-of-age adventure filled with magic, technology, and friendship. 

Chang Can Dunk

Chang Can Dunk is a feel-good film that promises to be both inspiring and entertaining. Chang, a 16-year-old marching band member, bets the school’s basketball star that he can dunk by Homecoming. What follows is a heartwarming story about self-discovery, friendship, and family. 

In summary, Disney+ has announced its lineup of original series and films for 2023, which includes a mix of live-action reimaginings, new series, and films catering to all ages. The most anticipated releases include two new Pirates of the Caribbean films and a live-action reimagining of Peter Pan & Wendy, and many more. Overall, the 2023 slate promises to be an exciting one for Disney+ subscribers.