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From Warframe to Streamers – Exclusivity’s Impact On Modern Gaming

There is nothing quite like a special offer and, thankfully, the gaming world is home to plenty of great deals these days.

The rise of the free-to-play concept has given gamers the chance to sample a range of titles before they part with any of their hard-earned cash, while there are also so many different promotions related to individual games, consoles, and platforms.

A notable example of this was recently seen with Prime Gaming and the items it is offering in relation to one particular game.

Exclusive content

Last month, NME revealed how Prime Gaming was offering the exclusive Verv Domestik Drone bundle for Warframe in one of its latest drops.

The website explained how the gear could be accessed by linking a Warframe account to an Amazon account. It stated that those making the move for the first time would also get access to the Stezia Sumbha Syandana, which could then be added to the player’s collection.

While the promotion offered as part of the August Prime Gaming drop is clearly intriguing, it appears that the special deals will not stop there. NME also revealed that further drops are expected to take place every month. This means that players could access further exclusive items by returning regularly.

Growing trend

Such developments may be exciting for Warframe fans, but they are also indicative of how the gaming world has come to really embrace the idea of exclusivity in recent years.

The trend of titles or promotions being made available to specific players has been growing, with it perhaps being most commonly seen when games are made exclusive to specific platforms or consoles. For instance, earlier this year we revealed how Death Stranding Director’s Cut looks set to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, as there was no suggestion that a PC version was in the pipeline. CBR.com also recently reported on suggestions on Twitter that The Elder Scrolls VI could be an Xbox exclusive.


As the Prime Gaming news shows, subscribers to specific services also generally tend to be able to enjoy different promotions. For instance, Xbox outlines how its Game Pass Ultimate members can get access to exclusive discounts and deals, as well as free perks such as in-game content and partner offers.

Streaming success

The issue of exclusivity is also having a big bearing on gaming in another way, thanks to the huge interest in streaming platforms.

Such services have become a key part of gaming in recent years and some of the top personalities have gone on to strike deals to stream exclusively on specific platforms. For instance, at the start of this month, The Verge detailed how TimTheTatMan and DrLupo had both made the move from Twitch to YouTube Gaming.

The website explained how other individuals that have made the switch include CouRage and Valkyrae, with YouTube seemingly investing to bring some major names to the platform. The site added that TimTheTatMan had amassed around seven million followers on Twitch, although he recently confirmed on Twitter that he has hit four million on YouTube already.

Here to stay

The gaming world is in incredibly rude health at present, with so many different experiences and titles being accessible at the touch of a button. Against this backdrop, it is perhaps understandable that exclusivity has become a big issue. After all, developers and platforms ultimately want to offer players something they cannot get elsewhere.

It really is fascinating to see how this issue has developed and all eyes will be on what else emerges in the months and years ahead. Many different ideas have come and gone in gaming through the years, but exclusivity looks to be here to stay.