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How To Clear An Image Background In a Click

5 Easy-to-Use Tools To Clear Image Backgrounds

Web designers, photographers, marketers, and social media managers often manipulate image backgrounds to make visuals more appealing or use cutout objects in designs. The reason is that backgrounds can distract a viewer’s attention from important details in a picture. The background removal procedure can help you mix different visual elements in a completely new composition or create a collage. 

Manipulating images requires time and design skills. Aspiring creators often spend hours trying to delete picture backgrounds in expert editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Fortunately, you can use automated background removal tools to streamline the image editing process. Read on to learn more!

Top online background removal tools

Depositphotos Background Remover

Depositphotos Background Remover is a fully automated solution powered by AI-based technology. Thanks to the advanced algorithm and neural networks, the tool quickly identifies the foreground and background to separate them. Depositphotos Background Remover works well with complex pictures, including people and animal portraits containing hair and fur. 


The processing doesn’t require much time, and all manipulations are minimized—you just need to upload your file to get a backgroundless result. Moreover, the tool allows you to remove the background from a photo for free. Depositphotos Background Remover works with raster files in PNG, JPEG, and JPG formats with a maximum size of 15 MB. 

How to use Depositphotos Background Remover: 

  1. Access the tool at depositphotos.com/bgremover.html
  2. Upload or drag and drop your file onto the page. 
  3. Preview the result.
  4. Make manual adjustments to an image using the Restore and Erase brushes if needed. 
  5. Click the Download button to save the backgroundless picture in PNG format to your device. 

Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic provides internet users with simple functionality for removing photo backgrounds with ease. Moreover, there are many additional tools for smooth image processing. For example, you can use special markers to accurately define foreground areas, or use the Scalpel tool to make precision cutouts. Professional designers and marketers will also appreciate the built-in free photo background editor that allows you to adjust colors, crop images, and overlay realistic shadows. Therefore, you can create attention-grabbing product cards for social media or marketplaces. It’s possible to process several pictures simultaneously using the bulk clipping option. 

How can you eliminate the background from your picture using Clipping Magic? 

  1. Go to the official background remover’s website. 
  2. Click the Upload button and choose a file from the folder on your device. 
  3. Wait a couple of seconds until the system processes your image. 
  4. Make manual adjustments to the processed picture. 
  5. Save the result on your device.


PhotoScissors is a simple image BG remover that utilizes AI-based technology for precise picture processing. Using this tool, you can also change the background to a new one in a few clicks. PhotoScissors offers users a built-in library of presets where you can choose from complex or solid color backgrounds. If you’re dissatisfied with the processed result, it’s possible to make manual adjustments using the Restore and Erase brushes and regulate their size. You can also add realistic shadows, which are generated automatically by AI. The platform allows uploading files in JPG, PNG, and WebP formats weighing up to 10 MB. 

To delete a picture background with PhotoScissors, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the PhotoScissors website. 
  2. Click the Upload Image button and choose the needed file. 
  3. Preview the result and edit the processed visual. 
  4. Click the Download button and choose a resolution option. You can get the image in standard quality for free or purchase an HD version. 


This AI-powered tool helps professional and beginner creators remove backgrounds from complex pictures in a few seconds. Moreover, you can create eye-catching social media profile images and accurate product cards for popular marketplaces. PhotoRoom also offers a built-in graphics editor available after registration. This way, you can streamline your design process and get full editing options in a single interface. The batch processing feature is also available. Using it, you can remove backgrounds from several pictures simultaneously. The user-friendly functionality is accessible to creators of any skill level. If you need a handy background removal tool, it’s also possible to install PhotoRoom on your Android or iOS smartphone. 

You can delete a photo background in six easy steps: 

  1. Open PhotoRoom in your browser. 
  2. Click the Try On The Web button and access the tool’s workspace. 
  3. Drag and drop your image onto the page, or upload the visual from your device. 
  4. Wait until processed and preview the result. 
  5. Apply BG templates if needed. 
  6. Download the result in standard or HD quality. 


Slazzer is a free background remover that can help you process photos accurately without manual manipulations. Additionally, the eraser allows you to blur a background or choose a new one from pre-selected complex and solid color templates. The tool works well with all pictures, whether detailed portraits or still life on colored backgrounds. To speed up your design workflow, you can integrate Slazzer into popular editing tools like Figma or Sketch via API. The remover is also available for download and is compatible with the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. 

How can you delete the background from your image using Slazzer? 

  1. Visit the tool’s official website. 
  2. Upload, drag and drop your image onto the page, or paste the URL. 
  3. Preview the result and click the Edit button to adjust details. 
  4. Download the processed image in standard or high quality. 

Advantages of cutting out image backgrounds with automated tools

Earlier, the background removal process was time-consuming and complicated. Creators had to eliminate unnecessary details manually. Now, this procedure is as easy as possible thanks to the automated tools available online. Here are the essential advantages of online background removers: 

  • Saves time. Image processing takes five seconds on average. Besides, you don’t need to spend time mastering professional graphics editors, their features, and functionality. You just need to upload your file and wait for the result. 
  • Accurate results. Thanks to employed AI-based technologies, online background removers precisely identify objects on images, isolate foregrounds, and delete backgrounds. It is easier than trying to cut around picture details using manual tools. 
  • No need to download software. Background removers are generally available on the web, so you can access them from any electronic device, whether from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They allow you to save storage space. 
  • User-friendliness. Online background erasers are suitable for creators of different skill levels. Professional designers can significantly reduce time on post-processing, while beginners don’t require in-depth design skills to get accurate results.

Bottom line

Eliminating image backgrounds is no longer a challenge! You can use automated online solutions to streamline the process. Web-based background removers run on AI-based technology to intelligently separate foregrounds from backgrounds. Thus, such tools save your time, deliver accurate results, and are suitable for aspiring creators. Test the above-mentioned erasers and choose your best match.