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How to Create Gaming YouTube Videos in 2021

With the advent of modern technologies, gaming clips have become a part of the digital environment. Whether you use a PlayStation or PC to play games, you can always record your gameplay to showcase your gaming talent. YouTube is full of gaming videos. Some of them appear professional-looking, while others are rather amateurish. However, if you want to engage more viewers, you will need to produce decent content. Keep reading to learn useful tips on producing gaming videos and making them as remarkable as possible.

Top Video Editing Tips to Produce Amazing Gaming Videos

Creating a good gaming clip requires basic video editing skills, time, and patience. Moreover, you will need to use dedicated programs to polish your project and bring it to perfection. While having these tips at hand, you will considerably boost your video editing expertise and create an attention-grabbing project without any hassles.

Record a Gaming Process

The primary part of your gaming video production is to record gameplay. If you want to get a sharp and accurate recording of your gaming process, you should use screen recording software to capture the screen activity. Your choice of program will depend on whether you are using a console or computer. If you play your games on PC, feel free to choose between numerous options that will help you record gameplay. One of the most sought-after programs among users is OBS Studio. It is free and open-source software for screen recording and live streaming. 

It is relatively easy to record videos on PS4. Just double press the share button to initiate a recording process. You can adjust the necessary parameters using the video clip settings. Xbox also offers intuitive controls to record the screen activity. Just open the menu and choose Record From Now. Xbox allows you to record videos for up to 10 minutes. If you need a longer clip, feel free to attach an external hard drive. 

Use a Microphone

Most likely, you will complement your clip with some voice commentaries. The most popular videos from gamers definitely include some voice-overs. First off, it is necessary to purchase a high-quality microphone. The videos with flat sound and background voice will hardly achieve many likes. Therefore, it is advisable to record audio in MP4 format. If you don’t want to purchase a microphone, you can use the one integrated into your smartphone. You can download the Voice Memo app on your iPhone and record any audio regardless of its length. Android owners may take advantage of the Voice Recorder app. To tweak your audio, you can use audio editing software. One of the most prominent options is Audacity.

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Choose Video Editing Software

Picking the right video editing software is the key to success when it comes to video post-production. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of your expertise. You will hardly cope with advanced software if you are a beginner. Also, pay attention to the feature set. Don’t overpay for functionality that you aren’t going to use. If you want to get a program with an easy learning curve but achieve creative results, feel free to use MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021. You can perform editing with real-time preview, optimize your clips and apply different effects. Also, it is possible to take advantage of such products as Movavi Video Editor, iMovie, Shotcut, etc. 

Add Subtitles

Adding subtitles is a wise idea since thus you can reach more viewers. For example, those who can’t hear but want to take a deep dive into the gaming world will definitely choose the clips with subtitles. Also, it is a great option to apply subtitles in a different language. This way, you will engage the audience from other countries. The easiest method is to add subtitles to MP4 files. For this purpose, you can use such programs as Fastreel, Clideo, VLC, Movavi Video Converter, Happy Scribe, etc. 

Create Engaging YouTube Video Thumbnail

This aspect is especially important for engaging the viewers. If you want to get more views, it makes sense to create an attention-grabbing video thumbnail. You can create it using any photo editing program. Remember to use vibrant and colorful images that will cover the main idea of your clip. You can spice up your thumbnail by adding a reaction photo of your face.  This will serve as a hook for the potential viewers. Besides, the good idea is to complement your thumbnail with text. Make it as short as possible but laconic at the same time. You will need to create a thumbnail that will engage the viewers to click on a clip in order not to miss out on something interesting. The bright image will also help the viewers to indicate whether the video is funny and interesting. 

Link Your Video With Other Content in Your Channel

By linking your video with other clips in your YouTube channel, you will promote them as well. During the process of uploading your video, you can complement it with links to your channel and other content. This will help you to introduce more videos to the viewers. It is also possible to position clickable links right in your videos while availing of annotations and the video settings section. It is advisable to add them at the end of the clip not to distract the viewers’ attention during the process of watching a clip.

Final Word

If you want to show off your gaming expertise or make a tutorial, you will definitely need to learn how to create a gaming YouTube video. This process requires basic technical and video editing skills. However, the tips mentioned above can help you create winning clips that will help engage viewers and increase your audience.