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How Video Games Can Help GamStop Users?

Gambling is undoubtedly a fun activity. It acts as a great way to release stress hormones in the system and enjoy time in a different reality. But, with time it can turn into an addiction and disrupt the daily life and financial status of a punter. Problem gambling has ruined the lives of many due to the lack of control over gambling.

Responsible gamblers prefer casinos not blocked by GamStop to play at, but a lot of punters from the UK can opt for Gamstop, a UKGC initiative to help problem gamblers. It is a scheme in which punters have an option to block themselves from the online casinos registered under the UKGC. Launched in 2015, this scheme offers self-enrollment and is the perfect platform for punters who look forward to self-excluding themselves from gambling for a period of 6 months, a year, or 5 years.

Post completion of the tenure, they can continue to self-exclude again or choose to gamble freely by requesting a dropout. However, offshore casinos that hold licenses issued by Malta, Kahnawake, Gibraltar, or Curacao are still accessible to the punters. 

Video Games Useful For Problem Gamblers 

Quitting gambling for punters can take a toll on them due to their addictive tendency. The withdrawal fees for quitting feel even worse and might discourage gamblers. Lapses are normal for such gamblers as they might feel it to be troublesome to take control of their minds. Thus, resorting to something similar to have the same feeling that gambling provides might be helpful. One can opt for video games that do not impose a looming threat on the lives of the punters.

They are equally interesting and offer amazing gameplay, graphics, sound effects, and animations. These games charge little to no money and can avoid financial stress and a negative toll on mental health too. There are multiple tools and techniques that punters can use to fight a gambling addiction and we are here to talk exactly about that. 

How To Get Rid Of A Gambling Addiction 

Once a punter realises the dangerous effects of gambling, putting an immediate stop to it is very important. However, the brain is accustomed to the constant stimulation that gambling provides. Thus, one must resort to other activities that replace gambling in order to avoid sinking into the hell hole of gambling addiction. Certain things that might help a gambler in this situation:

Self Exclusion Tools 

Self-exclusion tools are a tried and tested traditional method of getting out of gambling addiction. One can ban himself from gambling by using various self-exclusion tools like GamBan, SpelPaus, and Gamstop. They not only help gamblers to help through the signup process but also provide support throughout the recovery process. 

Playing Video Games

Video games can turn out to be an easy escape for addicted punters. The internet is filled with video games of all genres, themes, and multiple sites that come with great recommendations for top-tier games. One can choose to play via both PC and mobile. 

Things To Avoid In Video Games

Replacing gambling with gaming should help problem gamblers. However, must one be aware of certain things while playing video games.

Avoid Games With Loot Boxes

Loot boxes can be found in many video games. They contain certain random elements the worth of which is not fixed while purchasing them. There are certain similarities between gambling and loot boxes which is why one must avoid resorting to playing games with loot boxes to prevent falling in addiction again. 

Avoid Spending Money On Games

For problem gamblers, spending real money on games might again trigger the urge for gambling. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid making real money in-application purchases. 

Engaging In Other Activities Instead Of Gambling Or Gaming

Punters must invest their free time in pursuing a dream or hobby. It would have a major influence on him. One can also opt to learn a new language. Picking up an old hobby might also help in diverting the mind of a gambler undergoing self-exclusion from gambling. 

There is an unending list of things that one could do to trigger the same level of excitement that gambling provided. The difficult part is to identify such activities. One can also reach out to multiple online communities that assist problem gamblers to recover from their gambling addiction. 


It is extremely important to have commitment, clarity, and confidence while quitting gambling, so if you decide to start. Only then can a punter make a real impact on his mental health. One must question themselves about the fact that gambling is worth tarnishing the financial status, mental health, and well-being oneself. Gambling done during leisure can be a good activity to earn some cash. Otherwise, it could ruin the peace and stability in a person’s life. Even after a relapse of gambling addiction, a punter must reach out to professionals to seek help.