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Immersive Gaming Experience Unleashed: Horizon Call of the Mountain Review for PS VR2

With its latest release, Guerilla Games has put paid to the recurring question of “Will there be a third horizon game?” The immersive gaming experience powered by Sony’s VR2 technology makes it worth the wait.

Virtual reality has reshaped gaming expectations and experiences in recent years. By creating a simulated gaming environment, complete with motion sensors and sensory feedback, VR headsets and consoles allow you to explore and be a part of the gaming world like never before. This innovation has been particularly successful with adventure and fantasy games, bringing new levels of excitement, immersion, and player engagement to the gaming scene.

One of the market’s leading virtual reality powered games is the third edition in the Horizon game series, called Call of the Mountain. According to Alex Barnes, an Associate Gaming Director at Firesprite, Call of the Moutain is built to make the game world feel alive around you. The game achieves this through some wonderful features, which we shall consider below.

Overview of “Horizon Call of the Mountain”

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a virtual reality game released by Guerilla Games and Firesprite on the Playstation 5 platform. Asides from being exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 5, this new game in the Horizon franchise earns its uniqueness from its virtual reality features. Horizon Call of the Mountain packs an adventurous storyline involving a former rebel leader determined to regain respect by completing an expedition.

The game was released on February 22, 2023, as the headline for Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset. While needing a VR headset to play the game may seem discouraging, the features and gameplay experience make it worth the while. Being a first-person adventure game, the VR2 functionality allows players to interact with the in-game environment like never before.

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Unleashing Immersion: Key Features of “Horizon Call of the Mountain VR2”

From controller sensitivity to a 360-degree view of the game arena, Horizon Call of the Mountain ensures you feel every moment in the game. Players have optional headset and controller vibration options and immersive control features that make climbing, jumping, and moving around as realistic as possible. The VR2 headset also takes you on an immersive journey, transforming your living room into a genuine battleground, complete with enemy machines, warlocks, and fantasy creatures. These gameplay features are achieved through advanced technology such as the following:

  • Tempest 3 Audiotech: This automatically connects to your stereo headsets, giving you a heads-up when enemies are around the corner. The Tempest 3 Audiotech ensures you can hear the movement of other game characters and pinpoint what direction an attack is coming from.
  • Adaptive Triggers: The VR2 features adaptive triggers with enhanced haptic feedback and touch sensitivity, allowing you to experience what it feels like to fire a bow, pick up objects, or get punched by an opponent. 
  • Finger Touch Detection: The Vr2 controllers are designed to mirror your real-life hand gestures and movements in the game, making it easier to move, fight, duck, or shoot.

While the VR2 immerses you in the game world, it prioritizes your safety. You can define your play area in the VR2 settings menu before commencing the game by scanning your room. Once set, you receive a warning alert if you get too close to the play area’s boundaries. If you stray outside the perimeter, the see-through view activates automatically, transporting you back to reality.

Why Players Should Look Forward to “Horizon Call of the Mountain”

If you’re familiar with the Horizon game series, then the next Horizon game should send shivers down your spine. The Horizon series details the life of a young huntress named Aloy as she tries to figure out her past in a machine-dominated world. The series comprise Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West new game plus, and Horizon Call of the Mountain. 

The Horizon game series has garnered positive reactions, selling over 32 million units worldwide, according to Guerilla Games. These sales are a testament to the innovative and entertaining adventure contained in Horizon games. The latest offering in the series is a spinoff dedicated to Sony’s VR2 platform with a captivating new storyline. 

Call of the Mountain offers a more immersive player experience than previous games in the Horizon franchise, thanks to dedicated VR2 features. Being the headline game for the VR2, Call of the Mountain has some unique features, such as the ability to transport players into the game world, thereby taking role-playing to a different level through an interactive gaming environment. You can feel, touch, sense, and hear your environment, plus a 360-degree view that places you right in the game world.

Other notable reasons to look forward to Horizon Call of the Mountain include the following:

  • Unique gameplay mechanics that grant you complete control of your environment
  • 4k HDR display that showcases the beautiful gameworld in clear focus
  • A bigger Horizon universe with new locations, landscapes, and characters
  • Dedicated music and sound design elements that fully immerse and captivate you


Horizon Call of the Mountain is an extraordinary game that pushes gaming constraints and immerses players in a breathtaking world. Its stunning visuals, captivating storyline, and innovative gameplay mechanics redefine gaming culture, providing an unparalleled experience. Players have every reason to look forward to Horizon Call of the Mountain, with its rich narrative, immersive features, and the promise of unparalleled adventure. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave you inspired and wanting more.