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Infinite Darkness – A New Addition to the Resident Evil Franchise

Just a few weeks after the release of Resident Evil Village, the fans of the franchise have another reason to be happy about. Netflix and Capcom have worked together to produce an animated series, which opens up a new chapter in the Resident Evil universe. The series was created using computer animations, giving players an idea about what they can expect in terms of ninth-generation gaming graphics. After all, the same technology that was used for Infinite Darkness can easily be used for the development of future Resident Evil titles. This means that Resident Evil 9 may have a similar quality of graphics to that of the recently released Netflix show. 

Episodes, Storyline, and Characters

At the beginning of July, Netflix released four episodes of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, which are more or less 30 minutes long. This means that viewers can watch all four episodes in one go and still have time for fun activities such as playing Premium Blackjack at casino.com or such as reading an interesting novel on a warm summer night. A few extra episodes would not have hurt anyone, of course, but there is always room for a second season. If Netflix is happy with the response of the viewers, then it will not be long before we see more episodes in the streaming library of the popular online service.  

Apart from bringing zombies to the White House, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness feels like a stepping stone towards a new era for the franchise. The series downplays the zombie card and instead focuses on the cold war relationships between military superpowers. In a way, it follows the approach of the Walking Dead, where the story focuses more on the relationships between the living and leaves the undead as something that exists in the background.

For most viewers, the series feels a little bit like Homeland but with zombies. Instead of CIA operatives, Infinite Darkness has Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, two of the most iconic characters of the franchise. A diplomatic crisis between China and the United States of America turns the fictional country of Penamstam into a battlefield. The use of bio-weapons turns the dead into zombies, and once again, the two popular heroes will have an important role to play in the story.

Infinite Darkness – The Pros and Cons

Apart from a couple of speech-to-animation inconsistencies, the animation quality of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is more than just impressive. Some scenes feel as if one were watching an actual movie and not a series that was created by computer software. Nevertheless, there are a few things that could have been better. Considering that Infinite Darkness is a four-episode series, one would expect to have more climax moments. Many viewers characterized the series as relatively flat. This was something that Resident Evil fans did not expect as the gaming part of the franchise is popular for its multiple bursts of horror and action. Even so, viewers seemed to enjoy the series, and many RE fans are looking forward to the release of new episodes.