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Most Anticipated Games That Were A Let Down

Video games today are one of the most significant social phenomena. People love them so much that they are willing to wait for years for a new release.

We recently saw how popular games can be when HBO adapted one of the best video games ever, The Last of Us, into a movie. The movie did well and was never a letdown to the fans of the legendary video game.

In this article, we’ll discuss games that were a letdown when they were released. Here are some excellent examples from the recent years.

Fallout 76: Simply Not Ready When Launched,

Fallout 76 has been considered a letdown in the video gaming world for various reasons. One of the main issues is that it was released with numerous bugs and glitches, which made it challenging to play.

Apart from that, many players felt that the game lacked content, depth, and meaningful story elements. The game also lacked NPCs (non-player characters), making it feel empty and lifeless. It is a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but the lack of characters makes it dull for the players.

Furthermore, the game’s multiplayer aspect was not well-received by many players due to its lack of features and customization options. Some players felt that the microtransactions were too intrusive and exploitative. Wealthier people could quickly get an unfair advantage simply because they were in a situation to buy items other people could not afford.

All these factors have led to Fallout 76 being a disappointment in video gaming.

Anthem: Failed In Identity With Live-Service

The Anthem video game was released in 2019 and received a lot of criticism from gamers. One of the main reasons people disliked it was its lack of content. The game had a limited number of missions, making it feel repetitive and boring after a while. Additionally, the game suffered from technical issues such as long loading times, frequent crashes, and glitches.

Many players felt that the game lacked depth and customization options. The story was also criticized for being too generic and unoriginal. All these factors make Anthem one of the most disliked games in recent memory.

The experts then came out with their view of the situation and said that the game was a letdown simply because the project was not managed as well as it should have been. These things happen, of course, but the game was so hyped up before the release that this kind of failure was not an option.

No Man’s Sky: Quantity Over Quality

No Man’s Sky was a highly anticipated video game that promised players an expansive universe to explore. Unfortunately, the game failed to deliver on its promises, leaving many fans feeling let down. 

The main issue with the game was its need for creativity, uniqueness, and depth. Players who bought the ticket for a ride expected a vast universe filled with unique planets, creatures, and activities. Still, instead, they found a repetitive experience with limited exploration options.

Aside from that, the game suffered from technical issues such as long loading times and frequent crashes. These issues made it difficult for players to enjoy the game and ultimately led to its failure. Well, maybe failure is a bit of a harsh word, because the game made a respectable amount of sales, but it definitely should have done better.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

This is another space themed sci-fi video game that was rather promising in the expectation it generated before it was released. The name alone promised wonderful things for the Star Wars fans.

The Star Wars: Battlefront II video game was met with a lot of criticism upon its release in 2017. One of the main issues was the game’s loot box system, which allowed players to purchase random rewards with real money.

Also, players were simply unable to unlock their favorite characters, like Darth Vader, for example. It would simply take them too many hours or too much money to do this. This led to accusations that the game was pay-to-win, as players who spent more money had an advantage over those who didn’t.

Additionally, many felt that the single-player campaign was too short and lacked meaningful content. There were also complaints about the lack of content available at launch, as well as technical issues such as long loading times and frame rate drops. Some also criticized the game for not having enough content from the prequel trilogy or Clone Wars era.

Mass Effect 3: Premature Ending

Mass Effect 3 was the worst in the franchise for a number of reasons.

One of the main issues was that it lacked the complexity of its predecessors. The game was much more linear than its predecessors, with fewer choices and less player agency. Beside that, many fans felt that the ending was unsatisfying and abrupt, leaving them feeling unfulfilled after investing so much time into the series.

Some players felt that the game’s combat system was too simplistic and repetitive, making it feel like a chore to play through. Then there were numerous technical issues with Mass Effect 3, such as long loading times and frequent crashes. These issues make Mass Effect 3 one of the least popular entries in the franchise.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II – The Sith Lords

It may feel like we are being too hard on Star Wars here, but we need to be real. This game was hyped like none other at the time. Sure, many people were simply hyped because they are fans of the movie franchise, but the creators of the game were fueling the fire.

Then, when the game came out, people were left confused, letdown and angry. The game lacked exciting combats and that natural smoothness that you would expect from a Star Wars game. Also, the controls were pretty confusing, and that frustrated players in a way that they did not want to even play the game.

In Concluding

In conclusion, there have been several highly anticipated video games that failed to meet expectations, despite the hype and marketing efforts. 

These examples serve as a reminder that even the most hyped-up games can fail to deliver, and that game developers and publishers should prioritize quality and transparency to avoid disappointing their fans and damaging their reputation in the industry.