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Old School Runescape – How to Lock the OSRS Items

If you need to know how to lock items in OSRS, then here is what item you will need to make it so.

There are a number of features that are available to you in OSRS that serve different purposes. Some are useful for unlocking the quests, others may help you earn more OSRS gold and so on. However, if you have been wondering what is needed to lock items in Old School Runescape, then you are going to need a Trouver Parchment.

What is a Trouver Parchment?

Essentially, a Trouver Parchment is a consumable scroll that you can purchase from Justine’s stuff for the Last Shopper Standing, which you will need 30 Last Man Standing points for. You will be able to read the scroll, which will present you with a message that states the following; “This is a powerful scroll. Perdu, the dwarf, can use it to help lock certain Old School Runescape items to their owners, so that the items aren’t destroyed on death in deep wilderness.”

Buying the Scroll

As mentioned, you will need to purchase the scroll from Justine’s stuff for the Last Shopper Standing. This is a store in which players have the opportunity to buy items in OSRS with the points that they have earned during Last Man Standing. It can be found in the Last Man Standing lobby, and as to be expected is owned by Justine.

Taking OSRS Items to Perdu

Perdu serves as a travelling dwarven merchant who runs a lost property shop. If he thinks you have lost certain reward items, then he will return them to you. That being said, the item prices are often higher than they would be from anywhere else. Ultimately, you could get the RS items back for free normally, or at least for a much smaller fee. He will also be able to fix particular breakable Old School RS items that you have, as well as the rune pouch if required. However, in this instance, we are looking at how Perdu can help us to lock Runescape items. The name Perdu comes from the French word “lost” which has a connection to the Trouver Parchment too. This is because the word derives from the French word meaning “Find” so it acts as a play on words by making up the phrase “lost and found.”

If you have any untradeable Old School RS items, as well as a Trouver Parchment, then take them to Perdu who will be able to lock the item to you. This will give a (l) suffix so that you know that the item has been locked. You will also be charged 500,00 OSRS gold so that you get the locking service from him. You are able to lock a number of OSRS items at once, though you will need the extra Trouver Parchments in order to achieve this for every item you wish to lock.

What Happens with Locked OSRS Items?

After you have locked an item, it will stay in the unbroken state even when dying above level 20 Wilderness. Once you do perish, you will find that that the locked status has been lost. If you die below level 20 Wilderness, then you will lose the imbue status for the item. To lock the item again, you will have to get the parchment and pay the 500,000 OSRS GP once again to Perdu. Meanwhile, for the killer they will receive the full cost of locking the item as loot, depending on what was paid by the player that was killed.

If you were to drop a locked item then leave, then it will still be locked when you retain it. If you want to get rid of the locked status of one of the OSRS items that you have locked, then you will need to use it on Perdu, who will return your Trouver Parchment as well as 95% of the fee that you paid for locking it.

Locking Runescape items can be very beneficial to you most especially the rare one such as Twisted Bow, but there is of course the OSRS gold fee to consider. That being said, it isn’t such an amount where you will need to consider having to buy OSRS gold. With that in mind, don’t worry about trying to find an outlet where there is OSRS GP for sale. Just be wary of losing the locked status and having to take it back to Perdu again and pay once more if necessary.

Have you managed to get some OSRS items locked? Let us know in the comments section below!