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OSRS: Firemaking Guide

Within this OSRS: Firemaking guide we will be examining the Free-to-play method, this method is that of burning logs in order to progress a player’s skills. 

Why should I  train my OSRS: Firemaking skill?

Though many people may find training the Firemaking skill to be tedious, it does indeed improve upon the end game content. It is also advised that players do so in order to trim another skill cape. It is also recommended for the purpose of the usual diary and quest requirement as well.

What are the Quest Requirements?

Here is a list of what players need to know. Firemaking is a rather fast-paced skill to level, so there will not be long between bouts of skilling before reaching many of the below levels. In order to qualify for rather a few of the end game quests, players will be required to reach the below levels. 

  • The Giant Dwarf – level 16
  • Enlightened Journey – Level 20
  • RFD-Skrach Uglowee – level 20
  • Sea Slug – level 30
  • Olaf’s Quest – level 40
  • Swan Song – level 42
  • Enakhras Lament – level 45
  • Lunar Diplomacy – level 49
  • Tears of Guthix – level 49
  • Desert Treasure – level 50
  • Monkey Madness II – level 60
  • Making Friends with My Arm – level 66

Diary Requiring Firemaking

  • Fremennik – level 15 (easy)

Chop and burn oak logs in the Fremennik province.

  • Lumbridge & Draynor – level 15 (easy)

Chop and burn oak logs in Lumbridge.

  • Ardougne – level 50 (medium)

Travel to Castle Wars by Hot Air Balloon.

  • Falador – level 49 (medium)

Light a bullseye lantern at the Chemists in Remington.

  • Kourend & Kebos – level 50 (medium)

Subdue the Wintertodt.

  • Falador – level 30 (medium)

Chop and burn willow logs in Taverley.

  • Varrock – level 40 (medium)

Use the balloon to travel from Varrock.

  • Western Provinces – level 35 (medium)

Chop and burn teak logs on Ape Atoll.

  • Desert – level 60 (hard)

Burn yew logs on the Nardah Mayors balcony.

  • Kandarin – level 65 (hard)

Burn maple logs with a bow in Seers Village.

  • Lukbridge & Daynor – level 65 (hard)

Light your mining helmet in the Lumbridge Castle basement.

  • Mortytania – level 50 (hard)

Chop and burn mahogany logs on Mos Le’Harmless.

  • Varrock – level 60 (hard)

Chop yew logs in Varrock and burn them at the top of the Varrock church.

  • Western Provinces – level 50 (hard) 

Chop and burn mahogany logs on Ape Atoll.

  • Kardarin – level 85 (elite)

Construct a pyre ship from magic logs.

  • Mortytania – level 80 (elite)

Cremate any Shade remains on a Magic of Redwood pyre.

  • Wilderness – level 75 (elite)

Cut and burn magic logs in the Resource Area.

Firemaking training

Level 1-15

In order to reach level 15 as fast as possible, a player will be required to burn normal logs. They can be cut from dead or dying trees as well as Evergreens. These trees can be found anywhere throughout Gielnor. Each log burned will provide a player with 40 Exp. If they wish to do so, they can buy the logs which are needed to complete these levels. Though we think there are better reasons to buy OSRS gold, reaching level 15 only requires a few minutes of work. In order to reach level 15, a player will need to burn a grand total of 61 logs. While Performing this bout of skilling, they can also better their Woodcutting skills as cutting normal logs is a requirement for this skill.

Level 15-30

The fastest way for a player to reach these desired levels is for them to burn Oak logs. Oak trees are another which are present almost anywhere within Gielnor. For every Oak log burnt by a player, they will gain 60 Exp. This bout of skilling will require 183 Oak logs in order to reach the desired level, this will take the player roughly 8 minutes to complete. 

Level 30-45

The third step within this OSRS: Firemaking guide is to burn Willow logs. This is the quickest method of reaching the next skilling goal. In order to complete this section of the guide, players must first ensure they possess at least 30 Woodcutting. This is because this is the bare minimum requirement to collect the logs needed. The logs required to complete this skilling bout can be commonly found by Edgeville, in Lumbridge, nearby the River Lum, Rimmington, south of the Cabbage patch, as well as the south sea of Draynor Village bank or northwest of the village. The Willow logs grant 90 Exp, and players will be required to burn 535, taking an estimated 25 minutes. 

Level 45-60

In order to complete the next bout of killing quickly, players will be required to burn Maple logs. They will first need to obtain 1,575 of them in order to do so. Each of these logs, when burnt, grants the player 135 Exp. Maple logs can be found in the Corsair Cove Resource Area, however, in order for a player to obtain the logs from this area, they are required to complete the Dragon Slayer. It is also entirely possible for a player to complete their journey to 99 using only these logs.

Level 60-99

In order for a player to excel from 60-99 is through the burning of Yew logs, these logs grant a player 202.5 Exp for each one burned. This method however is an expensive one. Requiring an astounding 63,016 logs to be burned by the player in order to complete this bout taking an average of 43 hours. Willow and Maple logs are a cheaper method of reaching the goal, although more time-consuming.

 If a player were to use Willow logs from 30-99 they require 144,679 logs and will spend 96.5 hours completing the task. Maple logs can be used from 45-99, taking 96,096 logs and taking a little less time with just over 64 hours required. 

Thank you for taking your time to read our OSRS: Firemaking guide. If you’d like to read further into the topic of OSRS why not view some of our other blogs and guides.