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Path of Exile – How to Make Exalted Orbs

If you are new to Path of Exile and you want to find ways of making currency, here is what you need to know.

If you happen to be new to Path of Exile, then you may not be aware of Exalted Orbs. These are rare forms of PoE currency that can have great ways of getting you profit. With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can get started in getting your hands on extra Exalted Orbs.

Flipping Cards

The art of flipping can come in very handy with making exalted orbs. Firstly, divination cards are great because they are cheap to get a hold of. In fact, they are at all price ranges so if you are struggling for Path of Exile currency then these can be very useful.

You will need to be willing to put the time in however if you want to make the most of this method. It might be worth your time focusing on cards that offer a unique item since they can bag you more profit than normal. If you find cards with lower stacks too, this can help you save more time. One example of this is the “Samurai’s Eyes” of which you only need three in order to make a full-stack.

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PoE Currency Flipping

If you prefer to flip currency, then you can do so if you do not have a lot of PoE currency to hand. If you have chaos orbs, then list them in the premium tab before setting the price as 700/100 for chromatic orb then buy it. You can then list a chromatic orb and set the price to 100/600 chaos orb then sell it to make a profit of 100 chromatic orbs for each PoE trade you do.

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Using Enchanted Cyclone Helmets

So once you have gotten to a point where you have plenty of exalted orbs, you can then start looking into another handy method. You should get yourself above 30 exalted orbs for this method, though the minimum recommendation sits at around 10. You are ultimately relying on RNG since it revolves around fossil crafting, so you need to be careful to not run through your PoE currency too quickly.

If you have 30 exalted orbs as recommended, then you could purchase 10 exalts in resonators and fossils, then another 15 invested in three decent helmets with a few exalts left over to spare. Your next task will be to bulk purchase resonators and fossils so that you can be a bit more time effective. Craft with the helmets until you have something that you are happy with then start selling.

Unfortunately, as RNG plays such a big role here, you will want to not overdo matters. Once you have good enough helmets, you can then use them to keep yourself from going under. The profits will then arrive if you happen to get something that is more than decent for your helmet, but your main goal is to avoid losing all of your hard-earned exalts.

You will mainly be breaking down and selling your crafted helmets to then reinvest your POE currency into the next set of materials that you are going to use for crafting. If you feel like you have the minimum amount to keep you afloat, then go ahead and pursue this method.

Cat Crafting

For this method, you will need at least 10 exalts to make the most of it. Firstly, grab yourself a base PoE item then use Farrul, First of the Plains to make Aspect of the Cat and resell it. One technique is to use rings, so search for a ring that has Assassin’s Mark on Hit. Buy it at level 8 for an exalted orb, then putting them all together will earn you around four exalts. The exalts that you make will however depend on what level you have gotten your Assassin’s Mark at, so do keep this in mind when going forward.

Overall, your goal early on is to simply get your head around the nature of PoE currency and exalted orbs themselves. The problem is that they don’t tend to work in the traditional ways that other games of a similar nature do, often choosing the likes of gold and coins or something to that effect. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it does make Path of Exile a lot more unique than similar games. It’s just that it is going to take a bit more getting used to, especially when you are looking for ways in which you can take advantage of it.

Have you tried these methods on how to make Exalted Orbs in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!


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