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Playing the Game within a Game – A Unique Experience

Gaming is a highly competitive industry and companies are constantly trying to make their products entertaining. In an attempt to make the games more engaging, developers have come up with quite a unique approach – they design a game within a game. It has proven to be extremely useful in keeping players hooked. We will tell you about our favourite video games that you definitely want to try out!

Prince of Persia – Warrior Within 

In Prince of Persia, there is a subplot in almost every edition of the series but the one you find in Warrior Within is going to blow you away. Here, the Prince sails to the Island of Time in pursuit of its Empress. The main plot is that the Empress of Time needs to be slain by the prince to fix the timeline which was disrupted in the prequel, The Sands of Time. The prince is doing this to protect himself from a demon called Dahaka. 

The demon is in pursuit of the prince in order to kill him as a punishment for letting the timeline be disrupted in the first place. Throughout the game, while the prince searches for the Empress, he occasionally stumbles upon Dahaka and a brutal chase ensues. On one hand, the prince needs to find the empress, and on the other hand, he needs to keep himself safe from Dahaka. So, two games in one – Prince of Persia (battle with Empress) and Warrior Within (protection against Dahaka). Many gamers say that Prince of Persia is similar to Assassin’s Creed, which you can learn more about here on Twisted Voxel. 

Grand Theft Auto – 5 

This legendary game is a creation of Rockstar Games and it has a vast community of loyal fans across the globe. In San Andreas, the main characters are Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin Clinton. It is up to you to choose which character you want to play. Throughout your journey, you are assigned various missions where you make money as they are completed. Basically, every mission or heist in the game is an extra game. In addition, you can also go to the casino and spend your money on slots and other table games, just like in a real casino. You can also win in the casino when you are gambling, and the money can be used for buying vehicles, a house, or weapons. But if you want to play casino games with real money, there are better alternatives.

Need for Speed – Most Wanted

Electronic Arts are the creator of Need for Speed and our favourite edition of this game is the third one which is called Most Wanted. The player has to win races all over the town to climb up the hierarchy. The plot is to survive the street racing circles and face the arch-nemesis in the final race. However, throughout the gameplay, the plot will occasionally digress and pull you into a pursuit where you are being chased by the cops. As the game progresses, the police cars are upgraded and it becomes more difficult to remain safe. You end up paying a heavy fine whenever you get caught and receive a red strike. If you have more than three strikes with the same car, then the car gets impounded. 

Overall Review

Needless to say, players always love new and exciting innovations that developers have been incorporating by adding extra games within the video games. It enhances your gaming experience and makes it so much more thrilling. If you have not already tried the ones that we mentioned here, we recommend that you do so at the earliest. Of course, make sure you have a gaming console of either a PlayStation or an Xbox to get the full feel of it.