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Runescape 3 Pay-to-play cooking guide

Within this Runescape 3: Cooking guide, we will be exploring the pay-to-play skill training for Cooking. We will do this by viewing which methods are the most effective and efficient. Remember to always check the Grand Exchange for gold prices of anything you may need, before you purchase ingredients as over time prices vary and certain items become inefficient. 

Useful equipment

  • Cooking Gauntlets are recommended in order to prevent the burning of any food at lower levels than a player would usually become skilled enough without the equipped gloves. These can be obtained only once the Family Crest Quest is completed.
  • Cooking Brawling gloves, when worn, during cooking these provide the player with 50% added experience. That is until level 47 Wilderness, at which point the player is granted 300% additional cooking experience. These can be obtained as a rare drop from revenants, a rare drop table, and the Chaos Elemental. 
  • Torstol Incense Sticks, the potency level will increase every 10 minutes until reaching maximum capacity at level 4. With each increase, they provide a 0.5% additional base XP. 
  • Cooking urns, significantly increase experience rates by up to 20% per hour.
  • Portable ranges, provide a 21% bonus to the base cooking experience and provide the same burn rates as a standard range. They can also be placed anywhere by a player. Each range lasts 5 minutes. 
  • Cooking potions, if a player has 104 Herbalore, it’s recommended they use extreme cooking potions. Once a player reaches level 82 Cooking an extreme potion will provide the maximum level boost +17.
  • Cooking cape can prevent a player from burning food while worn. Very useful for high-level products such as Summer pies. This is because despite the use of gauntlets or reaching 99 they have a high burn rate.
  • Dwarven army axe, once a player has completed the Troll Warzone, the axe provides an additional 3 experience when equipped. This takes effect while cooking foods except for cheese. 


Though this method is fast, it comes with a cost. A slower, more reliable way to train cooking skills is to examine the food chart under the Cooking skill page. Here you can find the best foods to cook without burning and cook that food. This means you must cook a certain amount of items without leaving things to chance and burning them.


A player will need to cook various items at this stage, cooking anything available to them. Within the first 10 levels, efficiency is not important because these levels are quickly gained. There are very few profits or losses to be had at this stage. 


It’s recommended at this stage that a player cooks Trout, Cod, Pike, and Salmon. These can be easily obtained using the fishing skill. Once again there is neither little profit nor loss at this stage. These cooking items stop burning at different levels, Trout 50, Cod 51, Salmon 58, and Pike 59.


Players are advised to cook sweetcorn at this stage in their skilling bout. A player can obtain sweetcorn by either farming it themselves or purchasing it from the Grand Exchange. There is also little to be lost or gained in the way of profit at this stage. This item stops burning at level 53. A player will be required to cook 1085 Sweet corn to complete this segment. 


Desert Sole is a player’s best bet for this bout. This is because it is half the price of Lobster which is now also no longer efficient. It also provides an additional 20 experience per Desert Sole. Players can find Desert Soles by fishing them from Menaphos Port District. This cooking item stops burning at level 81 with cooking gauntlets. Players require1054 of these to be cooked to ensure they complete this bout.


Catfish is the next cooking item a player will use for their skilling bout. They take place over Desert Sole, still costing the same but providing more Exp. Catfish are very similar to Monkfish but cost a fraction of the price as of now. There is the potential also to go to 99 using them. An astounding11810 is needed for this segment to be completed.  


Beltfish is a player’s next best option for cooking items to skill in order to complete this bout. It does however have a high burn rate if cooked without the gauntlets. Some recommend switching to Sharks at level 85 if using a range and cooking gauntlets. 20366 Beltfish are required for this section of the guide to be completed.


Sharks are the next item to Cook. A player can either buy raw Shark from other players or fish for it themselves. Approximately 1% of the shark cooked, even at 93 cooking, will still burn. This stops at 94 with gauntlets but can continue through to 99 without. A player will need to acquire 8807 sharks in order to cook the correct amount for leveling.


Rocktail can be bought from players or the Grand Exchange. They can also be obtained through fishing. Much like the Sharks, these will stop burning at 94 with gauntlets and continue to burn to 99 without. 7005 Rocktail are needed for this stage of the skilling bout. 


Blue Blubber Jellyfish, come with a very low burn rate. When using cooking gauntlets and a range, a player can expect no burns from levels 95-97. The items will stop burning entirely at level 97 with the gauntlets. This bout requires an enormous 18140 Blue Blubber Jellyfish in order to complete.


Sailfish, always ensure to have the cooking cape and gauntlets ready equipped in order to prevent burning any.

There are other methods to be explored in order to reach 99, however, they will vary in price and time needed in order to complete. As well as the items which need to be cooked, these are also known to change due to experience gain and price.