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The Best Mahjong Games For Browsers And Apps

Mahjong is a Chinese tile game involving strategy and piercing noise when you shuffle the tiles. Mahjong has gone through various variations before settling on the final version that is being played today. The origin of this game still remains unknown but it is safe to say that Mahjong is the oldest game in the history of board games with an age of 2500 years. This game is illustrious for its entertaining qualities and its potential to bring people closer but its benefits aren’t just limited to entertainment as it also has some surprising health benefits for the players. 

Some of the health benefits that one can reap by playing Mahjong are as follows: 

  • Older people with mild cognitive impairments and memory loss issues can improve their memory and cognitive abilities if they integrate Mahjong into their routine, according to NCBI
  • According to new research, playing Mahjong daily is associated with decreasing depression rates in old people and middle-aged individuals. 
  • Mahjong also has a huge impact on the hand-eye coordination of individuals who play this board game religiously. When the player is stuck in the predicament of which tile they should discard or keep, it affects his or her response rate considerably. 
  • Due to the large amounts of patterns on tiles, this game aids in the development of players’ capacity to focus and recognize patterns over extended periods of time. 

To play Mahjong, it is not necessary to buy the entire set or persuade three friends to play with you. Today Mahjong is available online to play for free on different websites which are as follows:


Solitaired significantly improves the game for Solitaire players, introducing a slew of much-needed enhancements without impacting or detracting from the original element of the game. If you have ever played the game before you know how hard it can be to simply get started and how tedious it can be to shuffle through the deck looking for a valid move. Fortunately, Solitaired has a number of new features that eliminate many of the small annoyances allowing you to play the game without any hassle.


The free online version of mahjong from game design is undoubtedly the finest way to get started with this fascinating, ancient Chinese game.

AI Factory Limited’s Solitaire

On Google Play, AI Factory Limited has several classic games like chess, checkers, hearts, spades, and the most loved, solitaire. They offer a free version with ads and a premium version without ads. When it comes to gameplay, the games offered by AI Factory limited are quite good. It provides players with an impeccable Solitaire experience all thanks to its unique features. The players can choose from different difficulty levels, three distinct score systems, and whether you want to choose one or three card draw. This game app doesn’t only offer a lot of bonuses but it does carry out the entire game pleasantly and smoothly.

Brainium Studios solitaire games

Brainium Studios is a mobile game company based in Portland that offers noteworthy Solitaire games. There are three versions of Solitaire by Brainium studios; standard, FreeCell variant, and a spider variant. Each version has a variety of features such as difficulty setting and customization choices like one card or three card draw. All three versions of their Solitaire game perform admirably as compared to other Solitaire apps.