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The Best Pistol Skins in CS2


Although we’ve grown accustomed to witnessing players donned in rifle skins dominating the CS2 landscape, the significance of pistols and gloves in the game should not be underestimated. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide covering the realm of gloves and pistol skins. From the top-rated skins and ideal combinations to the cases players must open to secure these coveted items, we’ll navigate the diverse world of CS2 customization.

H2: 3 Best Pistol Skins in CS2

We often focus on rifle skins or, ideally, knife skins, but what about pistol skins? What options are available, and which ones are particularly noteworthy in CS2? Let’s take a look at some of the most notable pistol skins.

H3: USP-S | Printstream

The USP-S | Printstream made its debut in CS2 in 2022 as part of The Recoil Collection, contributing a fresh and unique design to the game. With a Float Value ranging from 0.00 to 0.85, the USP-S | Printstream is available in all conditions. Its price varies between $90 and $500, depending on the skin’s condition. Possessing a covert rarity, the Printstream is challenging to obtain. This exclusivity of this skin has drawn the attention of professional players, including the likes of Krimz, device, and kennyS.

H3: USP-S | The Traitor

USP-S | The Traitor is a moderately priced CS2 skin, with a current market value of around $40. This skin is owned by professional players such as GuardiaN and S1mple, adding to its prestige in the gaming community. It is commonly featured in international CS2 tournaments, contributing to its positive reputation. The skin’s rarity is classified as Covert, indicating that the likelihood of obtaining it through in-game drops is below 0.5%.

H3: Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries

Introduced to the game in 2018 as part of the Welcome to the Danger Zone update, this skin quickly became one of the top three most popular pistol skins in CS2. The design features a futuristic style, with individual parts of the gun painted in a striking black and white palette, complemented by beige and red accents. Notably, the skin offers a Stattrak option, allowing players to keep track of the kills they’ve achieved with the weapon. While it is possible to obtain this skin by opening Danger Zone cases, the probability of doing so is less than 1%.

H2: Best Pairs Gloves + Pistol Skins in CS2

Players in CS2 love expressing their unique styles, and a popular way to do so is by pairing glove skins with pistol or knife skins. Here, we’ll showcase three particularly eye-catching combinations that bring together the best of both type of skins:

H3: P250 | Visions + Sport Gloves | Vice

Pairing the P250 | Visions with the Sport Gloves | Vice in CS2 creates a striking combination. The P250 | Visions stands out with its multi-colored pattern. On the other hand, the Sport Gloves | Vice features a stylish blend of black and pink. Although the aesthetic appeal is noteworthy, it’s important to consider the price, with the Sport Gloves | Vice reaching $19000.

H3: P2000 | Dispatch + Specialist Gloves | Lt. Commander

The P2000 | Dispatch, introduced in 2020 amid the coronavirus era, boasts a unique design featuring a pattern of randomly arranged numbers of different sizes. When paired with the Specialist Gloves | Lt. Commander, which shares the same update release, a thoughtful combination emerges. The Lt. Commander gloves feature a rugged outer side with a gray camouflage pattern. While the Specialist Gloves | Lt. Commander comes with price tag of over $1000, it presents a relatively more affordable option among high-end glove skins.

H3: USP-S | Printstream + Driver Gloves | Black Tie

The USP-S | Printstream showcases an elegant design with its solid white slide and silencer. The black accents and pearlescent stripes add sophistication to the overall look. Paired with the Driver Gloves | Black Tie, the combination gains a refined aesthetic. The gloves, made of black leather complement the Printstream’s sleek design. While the Driver Gloves | Black Tie may seem pricey, especially for other glove skins, its affordability shines through, with even battle-scarred versions available for around $190.

H2: Best Gloves Cases

Gloves, known as rare special items, can be unboxed from five CS2 weapon cases: Glove Case, Operation Hydra Case, Clutch Case, Operation Broken Fang Case, and the Snakebite Case. For now, let’s focus on the first three and delve into them in detail.

Glove Case

The Glove Case was added to CS2 six years ago as part of the “Brothers In Arms” update. It’s super popular, liked by 95% of players, and costs just $2.58, so it’s affordable for many. The case has Base Grade rarity, which means it can easily be obtained as a in-game drop.

Operation Hydra Case

The Operation Hydra Case, introduced as part of the Operation Hydra update, brought a new set of gloves to the game. The case quickly gained popularity due to its contents. Priced at $13.94, it’s a budget-friendly option for many players.

Clutch Case

The Clutch Case, introduced a year after the Glove Case and Operation Hydra Case, seems to be a response to the increasing demand for gloves among CS2 players. Notably, it stands out as one of the more budget-friendly weapon cases in CS2, falling within the range of traders under $0.5.


To sum up, the choices players make in outfitting their pistols and donning gloves contribute significantly to the overall gaming experience. By exploring the finest pistol skins, discovering the perfect glove-skin pairings, and understanding the details of the cases that hold these treasures, players can elevate their gameplay to new heights. As we bid farewell to this guide, armed with insights into the best CS2 skins, combinations, and acquisition strategies, players can now start on their journey to personalize their CS2 arsenal with confidence.