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The Best TF2 Scattergun Skins

Way back when first-person shooter games arrived on our screens, the scattergun or sawn-off shotgun was the favorite tool to use in close combat. This has not changed much. These days, you can personalize your scattergun to make it look good in the hands of a menace.

Scattergun skins are now the go-to in any game because not only do you want your character to look good, but your weapons need to be and look the best. To be a good player, you do not see things, you feel them! Feeling good about your war choice, as a famous scarface dude once said: “Say hello to my little friend!”. This is the attitude, feeling, and confidence! Ask any fashion guru. When you look good, you feel good, too. Having personalized skin on your scattergun makes you feel great!

If you are looking for a place to personalize your in-game items, you should browse through the DMarket website. Not sure what DMarket is? It is a cross-chain marketplace to trade your NFTs and virtual items. It is one of the biggest trading platforms for NFT, and it also has some of the best exchange conditions on the global market. Here you will find many items for trade, to give you that cutting-edge confidence when fighting your opponents. If you have not had a browse through the items for trade yet, you should go ahead and see which TF2 skins interest you on DMarket.

Let’s take a closer look at them.



These skins are supposed to give you an ice-cold feeling. This gun makes a statement about who you are: dreadful and cold! Run into battle with this frozen piece of art and take the fight to another level. Of course, we all know what it means when the bad guys say: “I’m gonna ice you!”. Scary to see and unbelievable to feel, running around with ice and blasting your way through enemies.

Dragon Slayer

Hunted by the pros and decorated by the best, here you’ll have the exceptional honor of owning a dragon skin gun with mustard scales and a slightly smoked black dip on the barrel tip. With this skin, you feel the power of the dragon joining you in battle. For those who dare not, stay away!

Killstreak Festive

The fun and love of the festive season brings joy to everyone’s hearts. This fun option decorates your gun with Christmas tree lights wrapped around your shiny gray double barrels. We all love festivities! The only gift comes from the closeness of the barrel on the enemies’ skin.

Strange Killstreak Carbonado


This skin has the remains of an “x-bot” hanging from the gun. Truly intimidating when the head of your previous opponent is swaying through the wind.

 Strange Killstreak

A dark wood stock with a metal body looks like a weapon from an otherworld that is unfriendly to strangers. It’s perfect for defense and offense. This gives a feeling of calm and steadiness when entering a storm.

Woodsy Widowmaker Mk. II Scattergun

This skin identifies you as a professional. You have a six-color camo barrel and body and a finished, freshly cut palo verde trunk. This tree is known for its ability to predict tough times, and for being prepared way before time. He will be the last man standing!

Asking questions and reflecting on the scattergun skins: does it matter which skin you use? Yes, otherwise, we might just call you “zero” or “nothing” instead of the pure confidence you express your own name with. You pick, and you play. To be successful with a game, you must feel it. Having the right weapon skin makes a statement about you. It brings you life.