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The most popular services for online games, how to check their quality and what to pay attention to

MMORPG, as the main genre for combining the story system and interaction with other players online, remains one of the most popular formats in the gaming industry and attracts new gamers.

This is influenced by the growth of graphical capabilities and the great potential of the endgame, where the best players fight among themselves online and enjoy constantly finding out who is the best player on the server.

But you still need to reach this very endgame, or maximum level, farm a lot of valuable and useful items and earn a lot of gold and other currency in MMORPG.

The Skycoach player assistance service will help you obtain valuable resources.

Selling game currency

This is the most popular request in the MMORPG online, because not all players want to be helped by a professional player who will essentially take away all the emotions from the first playthrough and their own achievement of results, and Skycoach gold and other types of currency will help you acquire the missing elements and increase your conditional level of strength.

In order for gold to be safe for the client, several rules must be followed:

  • Gold must be farmed in an honest way – from monsters or quests. It should not be stolen or obtained in a dishonest way – like using a program to optimize grinding, but not auto-hunting, but a full-fledged imitation of the player’s actions. Such gold can be quickly discovered and then all participants in the process, from farmers to buyers, will receive a ban for violating the game rules.
  • Gold should be transferred by a character that has weight from a service point of view, that is, it was not created today for one task and subsequently deleted. The administration monitors transactions for violations of game rules that cannot be interpreted in any other way, so it is important to act in such a way that they always have doubts, then the GM will never impose sanctions due to the risk of banning an innocent person and provoking a wave of negativity and outflow of players from the server, due to a broken secret security system.
  • If possible, he should be equipped and armed, and even have a guild, in order to be as similar as possible to a full-fledged hero, and then most of his transactions will be interpreted as in-game actions.

Transfer process

Gold is transferred in different ways, but the most common is a simple exchange, in which it is very important that the client player transfers something in response to the Skycoach gold and then everything will look not like a full-fledged transaction for real money, but an exchange in which one player deceived and sold something of little value, which is not punished in any way by the game administration, because each player himself decides what and at what price to sell his goods to other players, and even if someone made a mistake and actually paid an inflated price for the goods, then he will simply become proficient in the future.


A format in which the player simply receives help in overcoming the really difficult and tedious stages of an MMORPG and enjoys really interesting gameplay – he goes to the best locations and raids, and constantly participates in PVP online.

Skycoach boosting is provided by a professional player who needs access to your account so that nothing and no one will interfere with his boosting.

The player’s influence factor may affect the overall order completion time, for which the service bears personal and reputational responsibility.

That is why the booster will forgive the player not to interfere in the process and just mind his own business.

When the boosting process is completed, you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account, check the result and all the trophies that Skycoach will leave you as a bonus for choosing them for your tasks.

Boosting is often ordered by players who want to play a lot of MMO RPGs, like FF14 or WoW,  but do not have enough time.

Players who want to change their gaming role without having to upgrade their character themselves.

The player needs secondary characters for the profession system.


One of the most interesting and promising formats for players, because the potential of working with a coach is worth a lot, because this is an opportunity to learn aspects of the game, and not receive one-time help and not know what to do next.

Coach Skycoach will teach you the basics of MMO RPGs, the principles of choosing a class and how it should farm – where to get gold and equipment, what profession to master and why, how to properly participate in PVP and what position to take, build systems and the ability to read the game meta and adjust it for your hero and the degree of his popularity and relevance.


If you need valuable and unique equipment or weapons, you need to go on a raid online. This is a dungeon system containing a powerful boss and his retinue online.

You need to learn how to clear such raids at different difficulty levels, and then you will always have the best equipment and weapons if you are lucky with a chance of a drop list.

The Skycoach service can help you clear a raid as part of a full-fledged group, where they will guide you through the location and help you kill the boss, for which you will receive experience and unique elements of weapons and armor.

They will simply invite you into the combat squad and clear out the entire raid, but they will arrange everything in such a way that you will be the one collecting all the experience and drops from the defeated enemy, and all the other group members will scatter so as not to receive even a particle of this experience.

In addition to the main drop, raids and dungeon zones can often bring new and relevant achievements that can add a passive bonus to your hero, or a unique mount.

Always strive to go through the Mythic difficulty levels, which are the most profitable in terms of unique loot and while there is little of it, they will be bought for huge amounts of money.