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Three Awesome Fishing Games for Mobile

Simulating the pastime of fishing may seem like an odd concept. Usually a serene, tranquil pursuit, to some it may lack the excitement needed for a popular mobile game. Yet simulators of all types are popular and the rise of in-game fishing activities in bigger titles like Genshin Impact has led to many people wanting whole angling experiences on their device. Below, we give our pick of the best three fishing games for mobile. 


Seldom are games titled as plainly as 3DCARP. Doing exactly what it states in the heading, this game has you fishing for the common yet fabled river monster, the carp. While it sounds fairly straightforward, it is the detail in this game that makes it worth your time. You have 8 lakes to fish and there are 28 different varieties spread out amongst them. You can use bait boats, climb trees to get better views and indulge in a range of activities to help you. 

The game is also rendered beautifully, with fish that flop and jump from the water when hooked. All of this means although the game is lesser known, it is well worth your money if you are a keen real-life fisher. It costs around $2.50 and once you have paid, you can play as much as you like. 

Fishin Frenzy Slot

Fishin Frenzy slot is one of the most well-known online slot games. As an iGaming title, you have the chance to win real cash prizes. However, this means you must be over 18 to play. For those just getting into online slots, it is a great one to start with and has plenty of help and tutorials online due to its immense popularity. 

The game is a slot title at heart, and its mechanics will be familiar to those who have played before. Yet Fishin Frenzy slot offers a lot more than a basic game. The symbols are replaced with angling-themed items, but you will also find a high jackpot at 2000x for your initial stake. This is a great payout when compared to other games in the same niche. 

As well as this, you also have a chance to win extra games and there are plenty of free spins on offer. It is easy to play on a mobile device, though you will have to do so through the browser at the casino of your choice. 

Let’s Fish

Let’s Fish is a free-to-play title, and it is huge. There are 650 species of fish, 60 locations, and bundles of different baits and techniques you can use to bag the best catch. It also has several modes, including online multiplayer and a PvP mode. Of course, this comes with the usual pay-to-win scenario but if you are after a bit of harmless fun, it’s a great one to choose. Online mode has a leaderboard, so keep working hard and you may just see yourself working up it. 

By no means are these the only games for mobile that you can play related to fishing, and more are arriving monthly. Yet they provide variation for all types of players, from slot lovers to those who want a dose of realism.