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What Features Would Improve Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy?

If your immediate answer is, “nothing can improve Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy,” you’re not the only one. To say the reviews have been terrible is an understatement. And even with Rockstar updating the software to fix ridiculous glitches – when has rain ever sounded like that? – the latest GTA release still has a long way to go.

You’ll be glad to hear that the game isn’t a lost cause. GTA Trilogy can be saved, but it requires quite a few features to meet gamers’ expectations.

Former Fan-Favorites  

For some reason, Rockstar saw the need to remove the features that made the likes of Vice City and San Andreas beloved by millions. For example, the controls have been replaced, which is weird considering that they were perfectly fine. It’s not as if the latest next-gen consoles and hardware have exacerbated the issue, either.

Then there are the small details that make GTA one of the highest-selling video game series ever, such as the freedom to explore the map. GTA Trilogy has modernized elements, removing the ability to utilize the full nature of the environment. A prime example is being able to restart missions immediately, which means taxis in Vice City are pointless. Plus, the latest additions that players love, like the Diamond Casino & Resort, aren’t accessible since the casino is only open on GTA Online and GTA 5. Not only is the general demand for casino games high, and not only is there a link between online casinos and GTA players, but casino elements are straightforward to implement since the APIs are compatible with video games and some don’t cost a penny, highlighted by free online slots that use virtual coins instead of real money, something that would dovetail perfectly with GTA’s casino. Considering the demand for online casino offerings, it’s strange that the Diamond Casino & Resort wasn’t included within the remaster.

It sounds obvious, yet Rockstar has unnecessarily cut content from GTA Trilogy while adding features that don’t work. So, it would make sense to restore the things that we know work. At the very least, it would be a start.

Half Decent Deep Learning & AI Software  

The whole point of the remaster was to bring classic GTA titles into the 21st-century. Technology has evolved significantly since the likes of Vice City and San Andreas were released, so the idea made sense in theory. In practice, the mediocre artificial intelligence and deep learning ruined the graphics, leaving some characters with sausage fingers, overly long limbs, and cartoonish appearances.

However, reports already suggest there is a solution to the problem. Nvidia, for example, has introduced GTA Trilogy to its Deep Learning Super Sampling software, also known as DLSS, and the results are incredible. According to Game Rant, performance is boosted by up to 85% thanks to an improvement in the overall frame rate. A more powerful GPU is required, yet a decent GPU is standard across the industry nowadays.

Of course, the DLSS could enhance the functionality of features, making them even more enjoyable for users. Again, the Diamond Casino is an excellent case study because AI can mimic the tech found on online casinos, such as random number generators, to make the gameplay as authentic as possible.

Let’s face it – GTA Trilogy is a massive disappointment. But a couple of tweaks could make it worthy of the classic titles it has tried to remaster.