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What is Responsible GamStop Gaming And How To Behave In Video Games

Do you like playing video games? Do you like gambling online? One way or another, you need to play responsibly. In the last couple of years, responsible gaming has been the priority in the gaming and gambling industry. Below, we will teach you all about responsible gaming so you can stay safe and play all the games you like for as long as you want. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Take A Break

The first thing you need to know and one of the main parts of responsible gaming is to take breaks. You can play a game as long as you like. Then, take a break and when you do something else and have time, you can go back and play it more. This is mandatory due to one simple reason. Playing a game and not being able to stop is the first symptom of gaming addiction. 

When a player doesn’t take a break for a long time he is at a higher risk of developing the aforementioned addiction. Now you can understand why this is so important. The situation is the same when it comes to gambling. You need to take a break and more importantly, you must be able to do so. Addicts are unable to do this. They feel the urge to play a game all the time and they cannot stop!

GamStop Needs More Exposure

One thing we should mention is that for gamers who are worried about their addiction, GamStop is available. This is a self-exclusion platform that works perfectly. In the United Kingdom, GamStop is mandatory to be used at all UKGC sites and the only way is to use the following casinos that are not on GamStop from NonGamStopBets list which accept British players. It is linked to responsible gaming more than anything else so we believe that more and more people should know about it. By knowing about the platform you can get help as soon as you need it and you can prevent possible complications.

Play With Awareness


It is essential to be aware of possible issues and problems. Gaming can cause gaming addiction. Therefore every gamer should be aware of GamStop and other services that help when you are in trouble. Gambling can cause gambling addiction. One way or another you can end up in a problem. If you are in the situation and you know the risk, you can adapt much better and you can prevent addiction before it happens. If you are not aware of the risks, you can end up with the problem we are all trying to eliminate. 

There were countless studies and surveys that proved one thing. These addictions are more common than we may believe. Thanks to these, we know now that responsible gaming is the only way to stay safe and it is an essential thing you need to implement into your life as soon as possible. 

Set Limits

Responsible gaming is also about setting limits. For instance, you can set the time and money limit. You can choose to play a game for 2 hours a day. Then you can set a budget you can spend on the game. The best example is personal deposit limits for UK players, this approach is highly discussed nowadays. This is more focused on gambling but can be used on gaming as well. For example, most games allow you to spend real money. You can buy loot boxes, improvements, additions and so much more. You can even exchange real money and get in-game currency. 

As you can see, you can lose real money or spend it in the game. You may want to spend more so you can level up faster and with greater success. This is another thing that can cause gaming addiction. Try to limit the time and money you will spend on gaming. It is essential to stay safe. We must add that addicts will use all the money they can and they won’t feel happy when they achieve something with it. In other words, they have the urge to play regardless of the outcome. Limiting the amount of time and money you can spend will eliminate this risk.

Another thing you need to know is that always play games with the money you can afford to lose. This is the same thing in the realm of gaming and gambling. The tip will keep you safe and will make sure you don’t end up in debt or jeopardize your financial stability. 

Do Not Use Loot Boxes

These are controversial and they are still present in some games. There are many cases when people got into trouble because of the loot boxes. Luckily many developers have removed them, partially or completely. For instance, Bungie removed these in 2020 from their game Destiny 2. EA games did the same thing a while back. The game in question was Star Wars. Then we can see that in the United States there are laws that ban the loot boxes in games that are available for people under 18 years of age. 

Loot boxes have been linked to gambling more than you may believe. First of all, you need to use real money to get one. Secondly, you never know what you will get in the loot box. It can be something you need or something that is not important. As such, it is always a better thing to avoid using loot boxes and never opt for some. There are better ways to reach the goal you may have. 

The Final Word

Responsible gaming has a huge role today and it will have it even more. Don’t forget that there are many options for gamers who want to keep themselves away from video games for a specific period of time. During that time you can work on your issue and you can correct it. Once you are done, you can get back into the realm of playing games and enjoy responsibly.