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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Cut Down Trees and Collect Hardwood

Animal Crossing New Horizons has many types of collectibles that can be used. Here’s how you can cut down trees and collect hardwood and softwood.

In Animal Crossing New Horizon, features have picked up a speedy pace. Now that you can pull out a tree from the ground in no time with the usage of a shovel. You can even change its position according to your preference. There is no more longing to cut them down first, rather you can simply change the position with the shovel.

This is going to be an easy guide where you would learn how to move and arrange trees and you would also discover the key ways to collect woods and develop an amazing Island of fruits, plants, and more.

How To Cut Down and Relocate Trees In Animal Crossing New Horizons

You don’t have to pull up your socks and roll up your sleeves, this is just going to be an easy job. And worry not, you won’t destruct the whole tree as it usually resulted in older games. You can simply relocate your tree just by scooping it up with the help of your shovel and Ta-da!

There is no need to dwell on the thought that moving a sapling that is still in the middle of its growth would kill it. Nay, hold your shovel and simply start digging it up. Players no need to make a fuss about changing the position of the tree. Target a tree and simply excavate them up with the help of a shovel. It would end up in the inventory from where you can plant it again to the place of your liking.

How To Get Hardwood and Softwood

The game throws some realistic glances from real-life chores. All you have to do is to find yourself an axe, grab it and begin swinging it through the trees on your Island. After hitting the trees three times, with the axe, the wood would eventually, come out of it. You’ll find three types of woods. For instance; Hardwood, Softwood, and Regular wood.

Using a Stone or A Flimsy Axe to huddle the wood takes more strength. The oops moment takes its place when the Flimsy axe or the Stone deteriorate its power after a certain use. But you can overcome this trouble by either making more and more Flimsy axes or by upgrading them. You can then use these woods to make exotic furniture, essential tools, and much more.

Hardwood is the darkest colored wood and is one of the most essential resources in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can simply get them by hacking them down with an axe. The procedure for getting the softwood is the same as of the Hardwood and the regular wood.

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