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Death Stranding 2 State Of Play Trailer Was Captured On PS5, Graphics Will Look Better At Launch

The Death Stranding 2 State of Play trailer was captured on PS5, and the game’s visuals are expected to look even better at launch.

In the latest HideoTube on the official Kojima Productions YouTube channel, game director Hideo Kojima revealed that the State of Play trailer for Death Stranding 2 was captured on PS5, and he believes that the game’s graphics will improve even further by launch. He mentioned that the game’s assets are now ready, and the development team just needs to “construct” them.

Death stranding 2 ps5

Kojima also shared some additional details regarding Death Stranding 2’s gameplay and features. He mentioned that Sam can now remove his backpack for lighter movement and combat. The game will feature lots of vehicles, and real-time terrain deformation, with roads that can be cut off via earthquakes, forest fires, and floods, etc.

The ship shown in the trailer is called the Magellan. It serves as a moving base that accompanies Sam on deliveries. It can also go underground. When Sam connects to the Chiral Network, the ship can move freely to those areas, and you can also call it towards yourself.

As per Kojima, Death Stranding 2 is set on a continent outside of America, where Sam has traveled to in order to connect the Chiral Network. Fragile has started a new group, called Drawbridge, to connect regions outside the UCA. She is their leader and “no longer her weak self from the past.” It’s necessary for a private entity to setup the network, as the UCA doing the job can be seen as an invasion. The additional pair of hands that Fragile has will play a major role in Death Stranding 2, according to the game director.

The model for the puppet is Faith Akin, a German director. You’ll travel with him by your side and can converse with him on deliveries. Why he ended up this way is something players will learn during the story. Elle Fanning’s character is referred to as “mysterious”, as she could be a friend or a foe. Meanwhile, the cat on George Miller’s shoulder is said to be inspired by Captain Harlock.

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