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Disney Plus July 2023: All TV Shows and Movies

Disney Plus is set to bring a diverse range of content to its platform in July 2023. The month kicks off with a series of shark-themed specials and series, including “Bull Shark Bandits,” “Bull Shark vs. Hammerhead,” “Most Extreme Sharks,” and “Return of the White Shark,” among others. The following days will see the release of the first season of “Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes,” as well as the premiere of “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire,” an action-packed animated sci-fi anthology presenting ten futuristic visions from Africa. Marvel Studios’ new series “Secret Invasion” will also continue its run with weekly episodes.

The second week of July brings more animated content, including “Aquamania,” “Bath Day,” “Building a Building,” “Figaro and Frankie,” “Goofy Gymnastics,” and “The Skeleton Dance.” The third week introduces new episodes of “Bluey,” “UFOs: Investigating the Unknown,” “Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins,” and the continuation of “Secret Invasion.” The latter part of the month will see the release of “Life Below Zero: Port Protection Alaska,” “Me & Mickey Shorts,” “Mickey Mouse Funhouse,” “Pretty Freekin Scary,” and “Raven’s Home.” The month wraps up with the premiere of “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Silly.”

What TV Show and Movie Is Coming To Disney Plus In July 2023

Sunday, July 2

  • Bull Shark Bandits (special)
  • Bull Shark vs. Hammerhead (special)
  • Most Extreme Sharks (S1, 4 episodes)
  • Return of the White Shark (special)
  • Saved From a Shark (special)
  • Shark Below Zero (special)
  • Shark Eat Shark (special)
  • Sharkcano: Hawaii
  • Sharks vs. Dolphins: Bahamas Battleground (special)
  • When Sharks Attack 36 (S1, 6 episodes)
  • When Sharks Attack…And Why (S1, 5 episodes)

Wednesday, July 5

  • Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes (S1, 5 episodes)
  • Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire – Premiere – All Episodes Streaming
  • Secret Invasion – Episode 3

Friday, July 7

  • Aquamania
  • Bath Day
  • Building a Building
  • Figaro and Frankie
  • Goofy Gymnastics
  • The Skeleton Dance

Wednesday, July 12

  • Bluey (S3, 10 episodes)
  • UFOs: Investigating the Unknown (S1, 5 episodes)
  • Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins (S1, 8 episodes)
  • Secret Invasion – Episode 4

Wednesday, July 19

  • Grown-Ish (S5, 18 episodes)
  • Hailey’s on It! (S1, 5 episodes)
  • Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (S5, 6 episodes)
  • SuperKitties (S1, 4 episodes)
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos (S20-22)
  • Secret Invasion – Episode 5

Wednesday, July 26

  • Life Below Zero: Port Protection Alaska (S6, 16 episodes)
  • Me & Mickey Shorts (S2, 10 episodes)
  • Mickey Mouse Funhouse (S2, 5 episodes)
  • Pretty Freekin Scary (S1, 7 episodes)
  • Raven’s Home (S6, 5 episodes)
  • Secret Invasion – Episode 6

Friday, July 28

  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Silly – Premiere
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