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Donna Burke May Have Confirmed The Existence Of Rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

The voice actor for the main theme song in Metal Gear Solid 3, Donna Burke, may have just confirmed the existence of the rumored remake.

Donna Burke, the voice actor for the main theme song in Metal Gear Solid 3, has shared a series of tweets from a recording-in-progress, suggesting that she may be working on a track for the rumored remake.

Metal gear solid 3 remake

In one of the images shared by her, it’s possible to read the lyrics (see screenshot above) from a sheet. The aforementioned lyrics appear to be from the Metal Gear Solid 3 theme song, titled Snake Eater. This suggests that Burke may in fact be re-recording the theme song for the remake, which has bee rumored to be in development at Konami.

In another screenshot, Burke is seen holding the sheet book, the cover of which states “Snake Eater”. This appears to be a deliberate hint from her regarding the song that she was recording.

Previously, it was rumored that the alleged remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 is now set for release in the year 2024. According to VGC editor-in-chief, Andy Robinson, the rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is now set for a 2024 release, suggesting that the unannounced project has been met with a delay. He added that he has also heard about the possibility of Metal Gear Solid re-releases of some kind. Last he had heard, announcement and marketing plans for the aforementioned re-releases were scheduled to occur during the E3 window.

Robinson had also spoken of Metal Gear Solid re-releases earlier on, claiming that they would be sold in the form of a collection. Robinson isn’t the first to leak information regarding a possible Metal Gear Solid collection, however. Earlier this year, Twitter user oopsleaks had mentioned that classic Metal Gear Solid games would be coming to Steam some time later in 2023. They stated that they had received multiple signs of it happening, though they had no clue which games and versions would be featured in the collection.

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