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Epic Games Store Free Game List for April 2023: All Rumored and Confirmed Games

Epic Games Store continues its free games giveaway on their store in April 2023 and we have the list of all the rumored and confirmed games in this article.

Epic Games Store offers plenty of free games during every month and even has sales promotion that goes big during the holidays like the Christmas giveaway last year. They are continuing this tradition with new games released as a free giveaway on Epic Games Store in April 2023.

Some decent games are being offered here including the indie classic Tunche and Dying Light: Enhanced Edition.

April 2023 Free Games on the Epic Games Store:

  • From March 30 to April 6, 2023: “The Silent Age” and “Tunche”
  • From April 6 to 13, 2023: “Dying Light: Enhanced Edition” and “Shapez”
  • From April 13 to 20, 2023: “Mordhau” and “Second Extinction”
  • From April 20 to April 27, 2023: “Beyond Blue” and “Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)”
  • From April 27 to May 4, 2023: “Breathedge” and “Poker Club”

Starting from March 30 to April 6, gamers will be able to grab two indie titles, “The Silent Age” and “Tunche,” for free on the Epic Games Store. These games have been well received by players and are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

From April 6 to 13, 2023, “Dying Light: Enhanced Edition” will be available for free. This action-packed game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and features intense combat and parkour-style movement. The Enhanced Edition comes with all of the DLC content released for the game, making it an even more attractive offer.

The Epic Games Store regularly offers both decent games and low-budget indies for free, but fans always hope to see new and exciting content. Some of the big hits that have been previously offered on the Epic Games Store include the Tomb Raider Trilogy, Kerbal Space Program, and Grand Theft Auto V. These games can be claimed with just an Epic Games Store account and can be kept forever, with no strings attached.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this month’s free games lineup. Please share your comments below.

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