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Everspace 2 Developer Praises Xbox Game Pass, Claims It Doesn’t Affect Sales

Everspace 2 developer Rockfish Games has praised Microsoft’s premium game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, claiming that it doesn’t affect game sales.

During a presentation on Everspace 2 at Reboot Develop 2023, CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games, Michael Schade, praised Xbox Game Pass, stating that it doesn’t affect game sales. In fact, he added that sales of Everspace 2 actually increased as a result of the game being on Microsoft’s premium game subscription service. This is in line with what Microsoft has stated in the past about Xbox Game Pass having a positive impact on game sales.

Everspace 2 xbox game pass

Schade also noted that, based on the data available to his company, higher priced early access actually attracts more engaged players. Furthermore, based on his findings, wishlists no longer convert to sales the way they used to. He also revealed that Steam seasonal sales no longer drive game sales in a meaningful way.

Everspace 2 is a fast-paced open-world space shooter developed by Rockfish Games for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms. It was released in Early Access on Steam on 18 January, 2021, while the full game released on 6 April 2023. Although it is a direct sequel to Everspace, the rogue-like features found in the first game were removed. The player advances through a number of increasingly difficult sectors.

Weapons and accessories that can be used in the current run can be found by the player. Additionally, the player has the option to craft and improve the ship’s defense, maneuverability, and shielding systems. As the player reaches specific points in a run for the first time, an overarching plot is revealed. The player can interact with NPCs who will give them various tasks to complete in order to advance in their current or future runs.

The game featured several different factions, many of which were present in the original Everspace. The main campaign spans a total duration of approximately 20-30 hours, with various side missions, exploration, and other activities adding further to the playtime.

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