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Evil Dead The Game Resolution and Frame Rate For PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One

Evil Dead The Game is available on the last and current-generation consoles. Here’s the resolution and frame rate for the game on all platforms.

First, there is some good news. Evil Dead The Game manages to run well on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It comes closer to the Ultra setting of the PC version and supports 4K resolution at 60 FPS. It is overall a decent port if we are talking about the current-generation consoles according to the technical analysis.

Now coming to the last-generation consoles, the performance does suffer. The frame rate is erratic and shifts between 30-40 FPS for the last generation consoles. While the visuals are decent on the PS4 or PS4 Pro, the performance of the game is not that steady compared to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. To make matters worse, the Xbox One version also suffers from a visual downgrade with lower quality vegetation and shadows.

evil dead the game

In terms of resolution, the PS4 and Xbox One versions run at 1080p while the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X can run the game up to 1440p. The resolution of the PS5 and Xbox Series X has been reported at 4K or 2160p. Xbox Series S also runs at the same resolution but dips in performance from the solid 60 FPS of the PS5 and Xbox Series X to an average of 40 FPS.

Overall, this is a decent port for a game that is multiplayer-focused so 60 FPS is important here. You can get the best experience possible on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, or you can just grab the PC version.

Evil Dead The Game is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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