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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Reveals Details Regarding Its Ending

The development team at Square Enix has revealed new details regarding the ending of its upcoming action role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Speaking during an interview, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Creative Director, Tetsuya Nomura, detailed the point at which the game’s ending will take place compared to the original’s timeline.

Final fantasy vii rebirth ending

Nomura mentioned that he has stated this a few times before, but the order in which players can explore the locations is not the same as in the original Final Fantasy VII, and there are some shifts in the order. He gave the example of Wutai, one of the major locations in the original Final Fantasy VII, is not part of the route in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and will be visited in the third title in the remake trilogy. Furthermore, he said that, while there are some changes in the order of the locations, the locations depicted in Rebirth extend up to “The Forgotten Capital,” where the greatest fate of Final Fantasy VII awaits fans.

Additionally, regarding the possibility of being able to play as Sephiroth, as hinted by the recent State of Play trailer, Nomura stated that those who played the original Final Fantasy VII will surely recall a certain scene featuring Sephiroth. He mentioned that he will be playable in the same scene in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Previously, it was revealed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is exclusive to PS5 for a period of 3 months. The State of Play trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was later uploaded to the official Final Fantasy channel on YouTube, and it ended with an additional message regarding the period that the game will remain a PS5 exclusive. As per the information shared by Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will remain a PS5 exclusive until at least May 29, 2024.

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