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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Sales Update Confirms It As Third Best Selling PS5 Game In Japan

The latest sales update for the second entry in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, has confirmed that it is the third best selling PS5 game in Japan.

Famitsu has provided an update regarding the sales figures for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in Japan. The game is ranked #13 in this week’s sales charts, selling a total of 4,840 physical copies in its 5th week since release.

Final fantasy vii rebirth sales

As we know that the cumulative sales figures for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for the prior 4 weeks since launch is 305,758 copies, the additional sales of 4,840 copies brings its total sales to 310,596 in Japan. This makes it the third best selling PS5 game in the country to date, with only Final Fantasy XVI, with sales of around 429,000 copies, and Gran Turismo 7, with sales of around 348,000 copies, being ahead of it.

While not quite the sales that Square Enix would’ve likely hoped for, given the overall popularity of Final Fantasy VII and its characters, it’s still a respectable total for the second entry in the new trilogy. It’s also worth pointing out that digital figures are not included in this tally, and with the PlayStation Store offering a digital bundle that included both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at no additional cost, it’s entirely possible that more players opted for it. Furthermore, the company likely expects the game to have longer legs in terms of sales, leading up to the release of the third and final part.

Previously, it was acknowledged by the official Twitter/X account for the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy that a bug in update version 1.020 for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth prevents players from acquiring the Platinum trophy. In addition, it confirmed that fix is on the way sometime soon. The update, which was released on March 21, 2024, introduced a bug in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that prevented the side quest “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” in Chapter 12 from being completed.

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