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Furiosa Is Such A Massive Bomb That Its Streaming Date Is Set For This June

Warner Bros. Interactive has already given the newly released Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga a streaming date for PVOD, which is coming this June.

The release of Furiosa was met with critical reception but fans didn’t exactly make it a box office hit. While the reviews were good enough for the movie, the box office has been lacking so far, struggling even to hit the opening weekend of Mad Max Fury Road when it opened back in 2015.

Furiosa has grossed less than $40M at the domestic box office, and it is struggling to get back its budget. It will be tough for the movie to recoup its budget since it covers over $150M to produce the film, not to mention the additional costs that include marketing and promoting it.

When Is Furiosa Coming To Stream On PVOD

According to Warner Bros. Interactive, Furiosa will have a short theatrical release window and debut on PVOD on June 25, 2024. This short time frame is understandable given that Furiosa is already lagging behind its competitor, Sony’s Garfield animated movie, and will likely fall behind during its second weekend. While both films debuted in the same week, Garfield being a kid-friendly and family favorite might win the second weekend.

The launch of Furiosa on PVOD shows a lack of faith from Warner Bros. Interactive for the movie. It remains to be seen if this will be a big hit for the home crowd, but fans of the Mad Max series likely won’t be able to see a new movie based on the IP anytime soon. It already took almost nine years between Fury Road and Furiosa, and with the failure of the new movie, it will be a hard sell to produce a sequel.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is a 2024 Australian post-apocalyptic action film directed and produced by George Miller, who co-wrote the screenplay with Nico Lathouris. This film is the fifth installment in the Mad Max franchise and serves as both a prequel and a spin-off to Mad Max: Fury Road. It centers on the character Imperator Furiosa, originally portrayed by Charlize Theron, with Anya Taylor-Joy and Alyla Browne playing younger versions of Furiosa. The film also stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke.

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