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GTA VI Will Reportedly Receive Single-Player DLC

Rockstar Games may already be planning single-player downloadable content (DLC) for GTA VI, based on the latest rumor.

GTAforums member Tez2, who is known for reporting leaks pertaining to Rockstar’s titles, has now revealed that GTA VI will receive single-player DLC. According to them, the first wave of “new cities and missions” to be added as DLC will be planned out before GTA VI releases.

Gta vi dlc

In response to another forum post regarding the next GTA game’s rumored “expanding over time” feature, Tez2 stated that it essentially means Rockstar Games will go back to how they were planning future content before GTA Online became a massive success.

As for the new cities, Tez2 states that they believe GTA VI will receive instanced new cities or islands, similar to Cayo Perico and North Yankton in GTA V. In this manner, Rockstar can introduce a new heist for the next GTA Online game with each new DLC. That said, they didn’t rule out the possibility of a full-fledged new city being added to the game from time to time.

Based on Tez2’s sources, work on single-player DLC for GTA V was already underway prior to its release. According to them, this is how the audio files mentioning the Casino opening soon (among other activities) was discovered. it was originally planned to have Liberty City added to GTA V’s world map. However, both projects were scrapped back in 2015.

Recently, during its Q1 2023 Fiscal Year conference call, Take-Two stated that the development of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway. It further said that the team at Rockstar Games is determined to once again set creative benchmarks for the series, the game industry, and for all entertainment mediums, just as it has done in the past with each previous mainline entry.

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