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Helldivers 2 Update 1.000.200 Brings Increased Level Cap, Balance Changes, and More

Helldivers 2 update 1.000.200 has been released today bringing an increased level cap as well as various other adjustments.

Key highlights of this update include the introduction of new planetary hazards such as blizzards and sandstorms, an increased level cap from 50 to 150, and extensive balancing adjustments across missions, weapons, enemies, and Helldivers themselves.

In terms of gameplay, the addition of planetary hazards adds new challenges for players to navigate, while the increased level cap offers greater progression opportunities. Balancing adjustments touch upon various aspects of the game, from missions like “Retrieve Essential Personnel” and “Destroy Command Bunkers” to primary, secondary, and support weapons, as well as stratagems and enemy behaviors.

Numerous fixes have also been implemented, addressing issues ranging from save settings on PS5 to enemy targeting of Exosuits and the functionality of ballistic shields. Additionally, improvements to the tutorial and known issues highlight areas where ongoing development efforts are focused, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players.

Helldivers 2 Update 1.000.200 Patch Notes

Gameplay Changes:

  1. Planetary Hazard Additions:
    • Blizzards
    • Sandstorms
  2. Increased Level Cap:
    • Level cap raised from 50 to 150

Balancing Adjustments:

  1. Missions:
    • Retrieve Essential Personnel:
      • Enemy spawn points moved further from objective
      • Reduced number of required civilians on higher difficulties
    • Destroy Command Bunkers:
      • More objective locations added
      • Now available in operations from difficulty 5
  2. Operation Modifiers:
    • Negative effects halved for modifiers increasing stratagem cooldowns or call-in times

Weapon Adjustments:

  1. Primary, Secondary, & Support Weapons:
    • Arc Thrower:
      • Fixed charging inconsistencies
      • Reduced distance and increased stagger force
    • Guard Dog:
      • Restores full ammo from supply boxes
    • Various weapons:
      • Damage increases, adjustments to firing modes, and bug fixes

Stratagem Changes:

  1. Patriot Exosuit:
    • Rockets now penetrate armor only on direct hits

Enemy Balancing:

  1. Chargers:
    • Reduced damage against Exosuits with normal melee attacks
    • Adjustments to Bile Spewer and Nursing Spewer damage
    • Bile Titan no longer susceptible to stun
    • Shriekers no longer create bug breaches and deal reduced damage after death

Helldiver Adjustments:

  1. Armor Balancing:
    • Heavy and medium armor now provide increased protection
    • Reduced damage taken while wearing heavy or medium armor


  1. Various Bug Fixes:
    • Addressed issues with PS5 save settings reset, enemy targeting of Exosuits, and other gameplay bugs
    • Improved hellpod steering mechanics and collision detection
    • Fixed instances of floating assets and issues with Ballistic Shield mechanics

Tutorial and Known Issues:

  1. Tutorial Fixes:
    • Resolved invisible collision blocking the launch pad doorway in the Tutorial
  2. Known Issues:
    • List of ongoing issues and bugs being addressed, including crashes, cross-platform friend invite problems, and gameplay inconsistencies.

Helldivers 2 is out now for PS5 and PC.

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Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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