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Here’s Everything Violent and Sexual In Evil Dead The Game

Evil Dead The Game is available now for all the major platforms. If you want to know the mature content in this new game, take a look here.

The game has been rated by different rating boards around the world including the ESRB but the most detailed description of the various violent and sexual content comes from the Singapore rating board.

Here’s the detailed description of this content that was shared by them. It has been rated M18 for violence and gore.

‘Evil Dead: The Game’ is an online multiplayer game based on the Evil Dead horror movie franchise. Players will take on the roles of several human survivors or a powerful demon. The survivors must work together to endure the onslaught of the demon and hordes of the undead hunting them.

The game is classified M18 for violence and gore.

As a human survivor, the player controls the protagonist from a third-person perspective to explore locations, loot for resources and fight zombies. Firearms, crossbows and melee weapons can be used to kill enemies. Survivors can assist each other, such as fighting together to fend off enemies or healing knocked out characters before they bleed out. Killed survivors can be resurrected by others at an altar. As the Demon, the player can possess the undead and other characters to hunt and attack survivors.

There are frequent and realistic-looking depictions of strong violence and gore. Blood splatters when characters are attacked, leaving bloodstains on surrounding surfaces and on characters’ outfits. The survivors can execute finishers which cause zombies to be disembowelled, dismembered or decapitated. The M18 guidelines allow “depictions of realistic violence, such as killing, maiming or causing other serious injury to humanoid characters.”

Some zombies are partially or fully naked, with bloody lacerations or gashes on their exposed body parts but without visible genitalia. One of these is a female zombie which appears topless. The M18 guidelines allow “depiction of topless nudity or occasional full frontal nudity”.

For more information on the game, check out the ESRB rating or read more on the launch issues where the game was not working for a while.

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