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Horizon Forbidden West Known Issues List Including Melee Pit Bug and Graphical Issues

Guerrilla Games has released the first major patch for Horizon Forbidden West today after it launched last week, and they have also listed several issues.

In their reddit post, the developers mentioned how they are looking into several of the issues that have been reported by the community. One of these is the infamous Melee Pit that leads to an infinite black screen. It has been reported by quite a lot of players. Another issue that has led to some noise online is related to the graphical issues of Horizon Forbidden West.

horizon forbidden west

While the game is technically solid with a gorgeous graphics engine, some issues do put a strain on the overall visuals. This includes shimmering, sharpening, and issue with screen saturation that makes the visuals lose their appeal.

All Known Issues For Horizon Forbidden West

We are currently looking into several issues reported by the community:

  • The team is investigating with high priority, several graphical issues reported by players regarding shimmering, sharpening and screen saturation when moving the camera.
  • Some players are experiencing an issue with infinite loading screens when attempting to load into Melee Pits.
  • Some players are experiencing an issue where Aloy’s outfit appears blurry in Photo Mode.
  • Some players are experiencing an issue in main quest ‘Reach for the Stars’ where Aloy can’t interact with a machine carcass, blocking progression.

So if you are one of the players that were experiencing any of the issues that were listed above, sit tight and relax as the developers are working on a fix for them. While the first patch was released today, expect to see more updates going forward.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now for the PS4 and PS5.

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