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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gets Another 16+ Rating Detailing Violent and Sexual Content

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been given a rating in Singapore and the rating description has outlined all the violent and sexual content in the game.

Earlier, the game was rated Mature in Australia for “Mature themes and supernatural violence, in-game purchases”. It appears to follow the same trend in Singapore with a 16+ rating.

In their description, the rating board has provided a general outline of the story as well as the mature content that is included in the game.

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ is a turn-based, strategy roleplaying game set in the Marvel universe. It follows the protagonist (the Hunter) and a group of superheroes as they battle the demon Lilith and the villainous Hydra organisation, to prevent the resurrection of an evil being known as Chthon.

The game is rated Advisory 16 (Suitable for 16 & Above).

The main protagonist Hunter can be customised as a male or female hero, and will fight alongside other superheroes against demons, Hydra soldiers and supervillains. Gameplay takes place in two parts – a hub section known as The Abbey, and the battle stages. In the Abbey, the player will control only the Hunter in third-person perspective to explore the hub, interact with other characters, choose missions to undertake, manage inventory and items, decorate the protagonist’s room and customise his/her appearance and outfits. The narrative is progressed through intermittent cinematic scenes, and when the player completes main missions.

The Hunter and two other superheroes will take on enemies in turn-based combat that employs a card-battle system. The player will choose from a deck of cards to play during each turn, which translate to combat actions and attacks with melee and ranged weapons, or special superhuman abilities. There are limited blood effects in some sequences. The stronger scenes depict characters being slashed or stabbed, without explicit details. The Advisory 16 guidelines allow “realistic but not excessively graphic violence with depiction of blood.”

The player may encounter scenes of female characters wearing bikinis or cleavage-revealing outfits. During certain dialogue scenes, in journal notes and in-game text messages, the player may come across references to romantic affection between female characters, without any actual depictions of intimacy.

In some scenes, characters can be heard using crude language such as “asshole”, “bastard” and “bitch”. During battles, there is also inferred use of expletives, but the utterances are incomplete in the audio and subtitles – Eg. “mother~ ” and “fu~”.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was initially supposed to launch in March 2022 but it has been delayed. It is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. It is currently targeting a Q3/Q4, 2022 release window.

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