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Microsoft May Host An Event To Share News On Xbox Lineup In Early 2023


Microsoft may be prepping a dedicated event to share news on the lineup of Xbox Game Studios titles for the year 2023.

According to Jez Corden of Windows Central, Microsoft may be exploring some kind of event for the first Quarter of 2023 to showcase its upcoming Xbox lineup, possibly in the vein of its X0 events of the pre-pandemic age.

Xbox lineup event 2023

The previous X0 event took place back in 2019, and it provided a preview of some of the games that had yet to be announced, including Grounded. Corden did add that this information is based on tentative, and unverifiable rumors that he hopes turn out to be true for the sake of Xbox fans.

Corden highlighted that Microsoft presence, or lack thereof, at the 2022 Game Awards caps has resulted in one of Xbox’s slowest years in recent memory. However, it was previously suggested by Corden himself that Microsoft would possibly hold back on new Xbox announcements at The Game Awards 2022 due to regulatory reasons.

According to what he had heard, Microsoft would deliberately hold back on new game announcements at The Game Awards 2022 due to regulatory reasons. While it may not have been due to regulatory reasons, the software giant did in fact have nothing to show at the event, lending credibility to what Corden had heard.

Corden also mentioned that, according to another rumor, Sony had canceled its own showcase because it didn’t want to confuse its messaging to regulators, and Xbox may do the same in the case of The Game Awards. He reminded that the CMA had used Corden’s article as an example of Xbox having lots of exclusive games. Regulators are currently investigating Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, and Sony has been making a case about it negatively affecting competition.

On a more positive note, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer remains excited for the 2023 lineup and is even thinking about future hardware.

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