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Monster Hunter Rise PC vs. Nintendo Switch Comparison Shows Nearly Identical Visuals

Monster Hunter Rise is a game that was originally developed for the Nintendo Switch so it is not a surprise that the PC version doesn’t offer a bump in visuals.

The game is out now for PC and compared to the Nintendo Switch, it doesn’t manage to offer a bump in visuals. You can expect to see additional post-processing effects like a strong depth-of-field, better resolution, and higher frame rate, but these things were pretty much expected for the PC port.

In the comparison video by IGN, we can see that the visual difference is minimal save for the expected difference like the resolution. The PC version comes with additional post-processing effects that do enhance the overall look, but with the lack of a Steam Deck, you also lose out on the portability that is available on the Nintendo Switch.

IGN is running the game at 1080p resolution on PC with all settings maxed out to provide a fair comparison. The game runs at the same resolution when in docked mode on the Nintendo Switch, which is used for the footage.

monster hunter rise

All in, the PC version appears to be a solid port that can run out well on mid-range hardware and offers bumps to the resolution and frame rate, which matters when it comes to a game like Monster Hunter Rise that needs a better response with a controller to be enjoyable. The higher frame rate will reduce the input lag for the game. The result is pretty much identical to the demo that was released earlier for the PC.

Monster Hunter Rise is expected to get an expansion later in Summer 2022. This will launch for both PC and the Nintendo Switch. The original release is available now for both PC and Nintendo Switch, while it has been discounted on Nintendo’s console so if you are up for some portable Monster Hunter goodness at 30 FPS, you can grab it for portability, or just wait for the Steam Deck.

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