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Monster Hunter Wilds Release May Happen After March 2025

The release of Capcom’s upcoming action role-playing game, Monster Hunter Wilds, may not happen before March, 2025.

During a Q&A held on the occasion of the Financial Results Briefing for Capcom’s Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2024, the studio’s President and COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, was asked about the possible inclusion of Monster Hunter Wilds in the company’s guidance for the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2025.

Monster Hunter wilds release

In his response, Tsujimoto said that, as of now, Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Wilds is scheduled for release sometime in 2025, and that the company will disclose further details at the appropriate time. This suggests that the game’s development may not finish in time to launch during the company’s current fiscal year.

Regarding Capcom’s target of 13 million units in sales for new titles in the current fiscal year, Tsujimoto said that the studio has a new IP, Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, as well as other AAA titles in the works.

According to information from trailers and the official website, the Hunter in Monster Hunter Wilds now has a raptor-like companion called a Seikret, which functions similarly to the Palamute but with additional abilities such as bounding between rock formations, gliding, and accessing equipment. The Hunter can bring two weapons into a hunt and swap between them while mounted on their Seikret.

The explorable area is significantly larger than in previous games, with regions experiencing substantial climate changes during and between hunts; for example, the Windward Plains can transform from regular plains to a violent desert, with both thunderstorms and sandstorms in effect. Both large and small monsters now appear in packs, with several flocks of herbivores and a small pack of Doshaguma. Packs of large monsters have a leader distinguished by size and coloring from the lesser members. So far, only one large monster from earlier titles i.e. Rathalos, has been confirmed to be in Monster Hunter Wilds.

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