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Nintendo Switch 2 Planned Release May Have Been Pushed To 2025

The planned release of the Nintendo Switch successor, dubbed Switch 2, may have internally been pushed to the year 2025.

Twitter/X users phluttilippe and guisouzadias revealed in their latest podcast on the O X do Controle YouTube channel that the release of the Nintendo Switch 2 console will happen during the first quarter (between January and March) of 2025. They mentioned that they consulted 5 different sources from 3 different continents, all of whom essentially echoed the same information.


Nintendo switch 2 release 2025

The podcast hosts stated that they believe everything will be clarified in March, 2024.They know several people within the industry who are currently working with the Q1 2025 release window in mind. Technically, this will still fall within Nintendo’s Fiscal Year 2024, which ends in March, 2025. It was also mentioned during the podcast that Nintendo won’t stop releasing games for the Nintendo Switch, and has more titles set to be released this year for its existing platform.

Also known as Brazil on Reset Era, the podcast host took to the forum to further clarify what he had heard. He mentioned that he does not have information on the entire line-up of upcoming Nintendo games, so he doesn’t know for a fact if the Nintendo Switch will only see the release of smaller titles from now on. The games he doe know about, however, are all what one would refer to as smaller titles. Additionally, Famiboards member Ghostsonplanets pointed out that here are others who are backing this rumor in private circles.

It appears that Nintendo will make an announcement of some sort regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 in March, 2024, as the rumor claims that official information will be available soon.

Previously, insider Nate the Hate took to gaming enthusiast forum Reset Era to share that partner game developers are currently testing the backward compatibility functionality of the Nintendo Switch 2. However, he mentioned that the extent of any graphical enhancements that the functionality may provide is currently unknown.

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