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PlayStation Store Update Allows You To Get Notification When a Game Goes On Sale

Sony has finally added a much-requested wishlist feature to the PlayStation Store letting you get pinged when a game that you want goes on sale.

This feature has been requested for a while by the players who want to avoid the hassle of looking into every game sale only to leave disappointed after not finding the game that they want there.

The easy solution to this problem was the implementation of a wishlist feature that could provide notifications, and this is finally turning out true for PlayStation 5 owners.

As shared by the official Twitter account, the new store update has made it possible now to wishlist a game and then get a notification of the game going on sale when it happens, either on the PS5 or on the official PlayStation App.

playstation store update

Here’s the process of how to wishlist a game that was explained by the official post.

  •  Add games to your PS Store Wishlist
  •  Enable push notifications for Wishlist Updates on PS App or PS5 console
  •  Get notified when it’s time to save

We are not sure if this will work for the PS4 as well, but since the official post specifically mentions PS5, we don’t think this is the case. Fortunately, you can get the notifications on the PlayStation App as well so grab it on Mobile to use this feature.

Sony usually holds multiple sales every week on the PlayStation Store. It can be a hassle to look through the long list of games every week, so hopefully, this feature will let you know when the next major game goes on discount. If you are into the market for Ratchet and Clank and Returnal, maybe Sony is also teasing at these games going on sale during the upcoming Holiday deals that includes Black Friday and more.

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