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PS Plus Gets A Targeted Discount Of 35% For New & Returning Subscribers

Sony Interactive Entertainment is currently offering a targeted discount of 35% for all three tiers of its game subscription service, PS Plus, to both new and returning subscribers.

Given the targeted nature of this deal, not all PS Plus subscribers will receive the discount. That said, it’s a good opportunity for those who can avail it and are on the fence about re-subscribing or trying out the game subscription service for the very first time. The deal is available on both 3 and 12 month subscriptions, as reported by Reddit user .

Ps plus discount

PS Plus Discounted Prices For Each Subscription Tier

Discounted prices for each PS Plus subscription tier, for those who can avail the deal, can be seen below.

  • PS Plus Essential: $51.99
  • PS Plus Extra: $87.74
  • PS Plus Premium: $103.99

It’s unclear what the exact criteria is for being offered this deal, but if you’ve never subscribed to PS Plus before, chances are that it is available to as an introductory offer. As for returning subscribers, the availability of this deal is likely dependent on the duration that your subscription has lapsed, with those who haven’t been subscribed for a lengthy period possibly receiving the offer.

For those who are unaware of what the PS Plus subscription tiers offer, PS Plus Essential gives subscribers up to 3 PS4/PS5 games each month to add to their PlayStation Network account library. They may play these games while they are subscribed, even after returning from a lapsed subscription. On the other hand, PS Plus Extra offers a game catalog featuring more recent titles that rotate over time in addition to all the benefits associated with PS Plus Essential. Once a game leaves the catalog, however, subscribers will need to purchase it in order to continue playing it. The amount of time a game stays on the catalog varies across titles. Lastly, PS Plus Premium offers all the benefits associated with PS Plus Essential and PS Plus Extra in addition to a rotating catalog of classic PS1/PS2/PS3 titles, some of which can only be played via streaming.

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