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PS5 Is The Prefered Console Among Devs According to GDC 2021 Survey

Sony’s PS5 is the lead favorite among developers next to PC in a new state of the industry survey held by GDC. Nintendo Switch claimed the third spot.

PS5 is one of the fastest-selling consoles by Sony and it is also easier to develop, thanks to its architecture that is tailored for the devs. All of these factors contribute to the console being favored by the devs in a survey held by GDC this year. The final report from this survey is out now revealing some interesting figures.

The devs were asked about the platform that they are interested in right now. According to the survey which had sampled more than 3000 developers around the world, PC is the lead platform accounting for 58% of the votes. PS5 is a close second with 44% voting for Sony’s latest console while Nintendo Switch is third with 38% votes.


Microsoft’s Xbox Series is next with 30% of the votes going to the console and there is a surprisingly large amount of interest in VR development, accounting for roughly 27% of the votes. As the generation is winding down, interest is decreasing in the PS4 and Xbox One, which accounted for 12% and 13% of the votes respectively.

Cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia and PlayStation Now don’t appear to gather much attention. They received 6% to 4% of the votes showing a lack of interest in them.

Another interesting question was regarding their future projects and which platform they are developing it for, and PS5 is again taking the lead here in consoles with 27% of the votes while Xbox Series is not far behind at 24% votes. It is not a surprise to see that PC is the lead platform here with 58% of the votes, while iOS and Android retained 32% and 31% votes.

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