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PS5 Update 22.01-05.02.00 Is Out, Here Are The Details

PS5 has received a system software update today and it appears to be another minor incremental update. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The new PS5 update bumps the system software version from 22.01-05.00.00 to 22.01-05.02.00. This itself is a minor increment and it is reflected in the changelog.

While the official website has no changelog, for now, we can see that the changelog is reflected in the message when we update the system software. Here’s what it says during the update.

PS5 Update 22.01-05.02.00 Changelog

Main features in this system software update

  • This system software update improves performance.

When the changes are minor, Sony usually releases this type of changelog that doesn’t appear to mention any of the bug fixes or improvements.

The last major update for the PS5 system software implemented the following changes.

In (Game Base), we’ve updated the following:

  • Voice chats are now called parties.
  •  For easier access, we’ve divided Game Base into three tabs: [Friends], [Parties], and [Messages].
  •  Now when you start a party, you can select either an open party or a closed party.
    An open party lets your friends join without an invite. Friends of party members can also join.
    A closed party is only for players you invite.
  •  From the Game Base control menu and cards, you can now do the following:
    View all your friends under the [Friends] tab in the control menu.
    Start Share Play directly from the voice chat card. You no longer need to start Share Screen to use Share Play.
    Add a player to a group, or create a new group directly from the messages card. You can also send video clips, images, quick messages and view a group’s shared media from this card.
  •  Now when someone in a party is sharing their screen, you’ll see the on-air icon. You can check this in the [Parties] tab.
  •  The player search feature and friend requests are now under the [Friends] tab.
  •  We’ve made it easier to decline friend requests by adding a [Decline] button to your friend request list.

In (Accessibility), we’ve updated the following:

  • We’ve updated the following for the screen reader:
    The screen reader is now supported in six additional languages: Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Korean.
    The screen reader can now read aloud notifications.
  •  You can now enable mono audio for headphones so that the same audio is played from both the left and right headphones.
    While your headphones are connected, go to [Settings] > [Sound] > [Audio Output] and then turn on [Mono Audio for Headphones]. Alternatively, go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Display and Sound] and then turn on [Mono Audio for Headphones].
  •  You can now show a tick on enabled settings so you can easily see that they’re turned on.
    Go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Display and Sound] and then turn on [Show Tick on Enabled Settings].

In (Trophies), we’ve updated the following:

  • The visual design of trophy cards and the trophy list has been updated.
  • You can now see suggestions for which trophies to earn on the trophy tracker when you’re playing a game.

For the features available from the Create menu, we’ve updated the following:

  • You can now start Share Screen and stream your gameplay to an open party.

We’ve added a new feature: Voice Command (Preview). 

  • Voice Command (Preview) understands speech commands for finding and opening games, apps, and settings, as well as controlling media playback.
  • To get started, go to [Settings] > [Voice Command] and turn on [Enable Voice Command (Preview)]. Then, call out “Hey, PlayStation!” and ask your PS5 to do something.
  • You can use this feature to help you find and open games, apps, and settings, control your media without even touching a button, and much more.
  • Currently, Voice Command (Preview) is only available in English for players with PSN accounts in the US and UK.
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