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Resident Evil 4 HD Project Released, Has A Hefty Download Size

After a long time and a long wait, the final release of the Resident Evil 4 HD Project is available to download now and it is a lengthy download.

Resident Evil 4 HD Project was started by a dedicated fan who continued to work on every single texture in the game, updating it to make it as authentic as possible to the source while replacing the old blurry textures with high-definition ones. It is a passion project of which we have rarely seen any examples in the industry.

After years of painstaking upgrades for almost every single texture in the game, the full version of the textures is available to download now. You need to own the game on PC first, obviously, and then you can download the texture pack to install them over the game files and essentially enjoy a remake of the game. Do keep in mind that it has a download size of 38 GB.

How To Download and Install Resident Evil 4 HD Project On PC

  • Purchase the game on Steam
  • Make sure it is updated to the latest version or check if you have at least 1.0.6 and 1.1.0 installed.
  • Download the Resident Evil 4 HD Project (Link, Mirror)
  • Make sure all downloaded files (that are in parts) are in the same folder
  • Unpack the downloaded files in a folder

Here are further instructions for installing the texture mod on your PC courtesy of the official website.

  1. Run “re4HDProject.exe” and follow the steps. You just need to select the folder your game is installed in and that’s it.
  2. Run the game. You’ll get a message that will warn you about the EXE file not being patched with the 4GBpatch. Click on “YES” to patch the EXE and restart the game.
  3. If the game crashes in this step, patch the game’s bio4.exe file yourself using the 4GBpatch tool: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371
  4. BRIGHTNESS (in game Options when the game is running) should be set to the MAX in order to get the best visuals.

Here are the system requirements that you need to make sure are fulfilled in order to get a smooth experience after installed this HD Project mod.


  • Processor: Intel® CoreTM 2 Quad 2,7 GHz or higher, AMD PhenomTM II X4 3 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video Card RAM: 2GB (minimum)
  • HDD: 38 GB (approximately)

If you are facing any issues, take a look at the instructions on the official website to determine the source of the problem. You can also try to do manual installation of the files if you can, but the automatic process is quite easy.

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