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Shin Megami Tensei V English Voice Cast Revealed

Atlus has revealed the English Voice Cast for Shin Megami Tensei V. They have also shared a new trailer that gives an overview of the new cast.

You can have a look at the new trailer below. Atlus has also shared the details on the different editions of the game that are available to pre-order now while the game is set to launch in November exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Here is a look at the English voice cast that can be seen in the trailer.

Shin Megami Tensei V English Voice Cast

  • Protagonist – VA = Casey Mongillo
  • Tao Isonokami – VA = Jeannie Tirado
  • Yuzuru Atsuta – VA = Mark Whitten
  • Miyazu Atsuta – VA = Ashlyn Madden
  • Ichiro Dazai – VA = Stuart Allan
  • Hayao Koshimizu – VA = Sean Crisden
  • Abdiel – VA = Cissy Jones
  • Shohei Yakumo – VA = Ben Lepley
  • Nuwa – VA = Laura Post
  • Aogami – VA = Daman Mills
  • Sahori Itsukishima – VA = Erica Lindbeck
  • Lahmu – VA = Kellen Goff
  • Fionn mac Cumhaill – VA = Chris Hackney
  • Amanozako – VA = Deva Marie

There is a digital standard edition and a launch edition. Both of these are available to pre-order for $59.99. The launch edition comes with an exclusive steelbook which will be available for a limited time only. For the digital edition, grab it from the Nintendo eShop.

Check out some of the new screenshots released for the game as well.

Shin Megami Tensei V will be released on November 12, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch

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