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Sonic Frontiers PS4 vs. PS5 vs. PC Graphics Comparison

Sega’s Sonic Frontiers is now available on all platforms, and if you’re wondering how the PS4, PS5 versions compare with the PC version in terms of graphics settings and performance, read ahead.

Given the hardware constraints of each platform, Sonic Frontiers performs reasonably well on PS4, PS5, and PC, though it’s not without a few issues on consoles. Both the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions run at a native resolution to 1080p, while the PS5 version runs at a native 4K in Quality mode and at a native 1800p in Performance mode. On PC, it’s possible to run the game at higher graphical settings than what’s available on the PS5. Interestingly, both the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions appear to closely match the PS5’s graphical settings.

In terms of performance, both the PS4 and PS4 Pro target a frame rate of 30 fps in Sonic Frontiers. Similarly, the PS5 version targets a frame rate of 30 fps in Quality mode. On the other hand, the PS5 targets a frame rate of 60 fps in Performance mode, though there are some minor occasional dips in performance. Unfortunately, the game suffers from frame pacing issues when running at 30 fps, regardless of platform. As such, the PS5 version or the PC version running at 60 fps offer a much smoother experience, not only in terms of frame pacing but also in terms of input response, which matters quite a bit in a platformer as fast-paced as Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers is a 3D platformer developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. After Sonic, Miles “Tails” Prower, and Amy Rose separate when falling through a wormhole, the player takes on the role of Sonic the Hedgehog and explores the mysterious Starfall Islands in order to gather the Chaos Emeralds. This is the series’ first open world, where players will solve puzzles to gather items, battle robot enemies, and incorporate platforming and classic Sonic elements like rings and grind rails. Players will also be able to fine-tune Sonic’s speed, turning, acceleration, and resistance in Sonic Frontiers.

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