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Starfield Update 1.7.36 Released For PC and Xbox With Multiple Fixes

Starfield update 1.7.36 was released on today, October 9. It brings a new FOV slider and multiple other fixes as seen in the patch notes.

One of the most significant changes in this update is the addition of Field of View (FOV) sliders in the game’s settings. Catering to the diverse preferences of its players, these sliders will enable both first-person and third-person perspective users to adjust their FOV, thereby personalizing their gameplay experience. This feature demonstrates Bethesda’s commitment to providing an immersive experience, giving players the flexibility to modify the game’s visual aspects to their liking.

Turning to the performance and stability sphere, PC players, especially those utilizing Intel Arc GPUs, will witness enhanced game stability. Such an improvement ensures that users of this particular GPU can delve deep into the mysteries of space without encountering disruptive technical glitches. Moreover, a series of other stability and performance improvements have been implemented, further refining the game’s mechanics and playability.

In the realm of in-game quests, the update addresses a specific issue in “Echoes of the Past”. Previously, gamers encountered a hindrance wherein tunneling creatures could select locations, stalling game progression. With the new update, such issues have been rectified, allowing for smoother quest progression.

Starfield Update 1.7.36 Patch Notes


  • FOV: Sliders are now available in Settings that allow players using first person or third person to adjust their FOV.


  • [PC ONLY] Improved stability for Intel Arc GPUs.
  • Various additional stability and performance improvements.


  • Echoes of the Past: Addressed an issue where tunneling creatures could pick a location that would prevent progression.

Starfield is available now for Xbox Series and PC. The patch should be available to download now on these platforms, and further details can be read on the official website.

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