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Stray Souls Developer Allegedly Threatened To Sue YouTuber For Exposing Their “Secrets”

The developer behind the Silent Hill clone known as Stray Souls has allegedly threatened to sue a YouTuber for exposing their “secrets”.

YouTuber bobvids has shared a new video in which he has discussed how he uncovered the “secrets” of the Stray Souls developer, leading to the latter threatening to sue him. The developer in question, Artur Laczkowski, previously worked on The Medium and subsequently left Bloober Team under suspicious circumstances, as per the YouTuber.

Stray souls developer

According to bobvids, Laczkowski had ‘liked’ transphobic and racist tweets, heavily implying that they potentially harbored the same views. The YouTuber mentioned that after Stray Souls didn’t do well both critically and commercially upon release, the developer immediately issued an apology for liking the racist and transphobic tweets both via his Jukai Studio account (the company he released the game under) as well as his personal Twitter/X account.

The YouTuber claimed that Laczkowski is now actively running away from his mistakes, attempting to hide behind a new project and hoping no one finds out. A few weeks ago, the developer released a statement via his Jukai Studio account, announcing its closure and vaguely threatening to sue a “cyber persecutor”, who’s crime appeared to be sending people “unwanted messages and emails”. The YouTuber believes that the aforementioned “cyber persecutor” is in fact him, and he has been threatened for exposing Laczkowski’s dark secrets.

As per bobvids, he never sent a single email to Laczkowski or anyone associated with him. He also claimed that he never manipulated his close circle into sending anyone emails. On the contrary, he claimed that the developer is now attacking friends of his for completely made up reasons. He claimed that he is in possession of proof in various forms that Laczkowski lied about not liking racist and transphobic tweets. The YouTuber claimed that the developer had admitted to doing so, but had since scrubbed that admission from the internet. He called Laczkowski a liar, and claimed that he is willing to defend his statements in court should the need arise.

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