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Tekken 8 Developers Outline Strategy To Address Rage Quitters, Consider Implementing A Ban List

The development team behind Bandai Namco Entertainment’s fighting game, Tekken 8, has outlined a new strategy to address rage quitters, with the implementation of a ban list.

Tekken 8 producer Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter/X to share that fellow producer Michael Murray has sent him and the game’s development team a large spreadsheet of rage quitters who are set to receive a ban. The file name of the aforementioned spreadsheet is “List of Fuxxxrs to Ban.xlsx”, many of whom are said to be rage quitters or “pluggers”. The worst offenders as well as those who brag about such behavior over social media have been highlighted in red.

Tekken 8 ban

Murray explained that banning Tekken 8 online offenders manually instead of implementing am automatic system for the job is a better approach because the latter doesn’t work well. He mentioned that he has been timed out in games by similar systems for not doing anything at all.

Furthermore, Murray stated that an automatic system to detect and list rage quitters or “pluggers” has already been implemented in Tekken 8 as of update version 1.02.01. However, due to the reason he mentioned, the development team has come up with a new strategy, which will compare the automatic ban list with the manual ban list (with match videos as evidence) and make sure the most blatant offenders are dealt with.

In addition to tackling rage quitters, the aforementioned update 1.02.01 brought various enhancements and new features to Tekken 8. One of the highlights is the UT×TEKKEN in-game collaboration, although specific details of this collaboration have not been disclosed. Another new feature, the TEKKEN SHOP, offers players new options for customization and interaction within the game. The update also made functional improvements, fixed bugs, and refined the overall gameplay experience. The patch also included specific adjustments to the behavior of some characters’ techniques and performance enhancements to ensure competitive balance.

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